My friend’s in hospital with a serious eating disorder. What can I write to her?

Here is a young girl in hospital with anorexia. She is not allowed phone calls or visits from friends. Her best pal from school is desperate to tell her she hasn’t been abandoned. Their only lifeline is written letters.

My friend's in hospital with a serious eating disorder. What can I write to her?

It now feels like I can’t speak to her without awkwardly skirting round the topic.

And her friend wrote to me, for advice on what to write to this poor girl. Would you have advised the same? If not, what would you have said? Read on…

What to write to someone with an eating disorder: the problem

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How to write better thanks to GSPS

A new form of satellite navigation system? No – a new formula to use to help you write better for your work, leisure or creative writing, as I originally mentioned in this article.

HTWB GSPS 01It’s simple, and it works because it’s simple.

Here’s how to use GSPS to help you write better…

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Help! What writing styles should I use on different social media platforms? Part 1

Help! What writing styles should I use for different social media? Part 1“I want to be sure I get my writing style right for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and so-on. I run a small arts and crafts business from home and I have a business page set up for that on Facebook. Do I need to differentiate my style from one to another and if so how?”

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Help! How do I thank the family of my kidney donor?

kidney,donor,organ donor,writing,communication

Dear HTWB Agony Columns

My life has been saved by a kidney transplant, the donor being someone who sadly had died and was a good match for me. I am a long-term kidney patient who without a transplant would have died well before my time. [Read more…]

Help! How can I write really good reviews for TripAdvisor?


Dear HTWB Agony Columns

I want to start writing reviews for TripAdvisor as I love travel, vacations, eating out and all the other things they focus on. How can I write reviews that stand out and that may eventually lead to me being considered as a good, professional reviewer, perhaps for a local or regional magazine?

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Help! How can we successfully launch an educational product for children without spending a fortune?

education,products,wildlife,marketing,project,writing,adviceDear HTWB Agony Columns

My company makes and sells educational books, DVDs and other offline and online products for schools to use as projects and as a blended boost along with their regular curricular studies. We have a new wildlife/conservation product ready to go and… [Read more…]