Writers and readers: please help end the US book embargo against Cuba

Please read this email sent to me by Mark Coker from Smashwords, and help end this sad embargo that prevents Cubans from benefiting from something we all take for granted: publishing, and reading books from the USA. If you are willing to help, please sign the petition ASAP as the US Government is due to announce modifications to its embargoes against Cuba, and we’re hoping this will be one of them. Now, over to Mark:

I’m writing to ask for your help.

Writers and readers: please help end the US book embargo against Cuba

As a basic human right, readers everywhere deserve greater access to books and literature.

Please go to https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/end-book-embargo-against-cuba and consider signing my petition to end the US book embargo against Cuba. [Read more…]

6 women writers on favourite women writers: celebrating International Women’s Day

Even the most misogynistic male these days has to admit our world is constantly being enriched by the writings of hugely talented women, and has been for several hundred years now. So here’s to International Women’s Day, and our contribution to it.

6 women writers on favourite women writers: celebrating International Women's Day

“…what books are supposed to do: totally transport you into another world, another life, another brain and heart. “

I reckoned that the most interesting way to celebrate here with you, is for some of our  favourite women writers to write about their  favourite women writers … which is exactly what we’ve done. And here they are… [Read more…]

Book review: Enduring Emotions by Antonia Abbott

Book review - Enduring Emotions by Antonia AbbottAll I can say after reading the third in Antonia Abbott’s romantic trilogy is that if you thought rural Oxfordshire was the sleepy English countryside, you had better think again. I wrote about Book One and Book Two previously, so am delighted to share my thoughts on Book Three which I devoured on my Kindle in just over 24 hours, ignoring my son, clients, friends, cats and dogs as I pored over it voraciously. [Read more…]

Book review: Heightened Emotions – An Oxfordshire Wedding

Back in September 2014 I reviewed the first book in this family saga trilogy, “Mixed Emotions – an Oxfordshire Affair” by exciting new novelist Antonia Abbott, and made my feelings known about her irritating yet utterly riveting heroine – or perhaps anti-heroine – Susie Rowlands.

Book review: Heightened Emotions - An Oxfordshire WeddingHere’s what I said about the fragrant Susie then …

“Novel writing experts often say your protagonist in a story should be a likeable character. However most of the way through this entertaining book I wanted to grab the beguiling young Susie Rowlands right out from the page and slap her for being such a spoilt, featherbrained little bitch. [Read more…]

Learn how to write brilliant business blogs – for the price of a Starbucks coffee

HTWB BizBlogs new ad Feb-15A quick note to let you know I’ve slashed the price of the Kindle version of…

“How To Write Brilliant Business Blogs.”

So now, which is the better value?

A large latte?

Or 300 pages of tips and advice on how to transform your business blogging from good to great?

USA just $3.99

UK just £2.65

[Read more…]

Is blogging for your business becoming a bit of a chore?

How to write brilliant business blogsIf that’s the case, you’ll find this book is worth its weight in gold – it’s a no-bullsh*t guide to writing blogs that boost your brand, business and customer loyalty. (DISCLAIMER: I just so happened to write it!)

But even so, if you’re fed up with the gurus and so-called experts telling you how to set up your blog without sharing any really useful ideas on what to write about, this is the book that cures the problem.

(For a list of the top 10 most helpful articles on blogging for business as chosen by our readers, click here)

[Read more…]