Help from your new Content Strategist: what I’ve been doing for 10 years…

The term “Content Strategist” sounds awfully pompous if you live in modest-speaking Milton Keynes, England. But having been doing this job for the last 10 years working with SMEs and Micro Businesses (helping them determine what and how to communicate to their markets in the first place – not just writing it for them) I finally caved in and renamed myself. I am now a..


Help from your new Content Strategist: what I've been doing for 10 years...

When I’m not being a “content strategist” I ride and help judge horses. (NB: here the horse is on the right.)

But enough already with the self-congratulation. Here’s how my meagre offering works out in practice, and how it helps smaller businesses to avoid much of what the bullsh*t merchants and so-called social media gurus shove down our throats every day. (Did someone mention “common sense” in the world of digital marketing? Thought so…) [Read more…]

How to use makeup to look your best on camera

Saying your words to a video camera can be a bit nerve-wracking, which is why here on HTWB we’ve looked at a number of tips on how to perform, what to wear, etc. Now, we’re very lucky to welcome some advice from top international makeup artist and beauty writer Gail Spooner who shares some brilliant advice on how to make yourself look great for the camera, whether for video or for a still image. And yes, that includes you men, too… 

How to use makeup to look your best on camera

Gail Spooner works on a client’s eye makeup

Whether you’re male or female, it’s important to present yourself in the best possible way. This includes our choice of make-up and how we apply it but not all of us have a team of make-up artists and stylists at our disposal. The camera can pick up our flaws and even worse, highlight them and high definition will magnify these 10 fold! So… [Read more…]

How to market yourself in the music business

Please welcome a new contributor to HTWB, Milton Keynes (England) based film maker and thought leader Farai Chirimuuta. Here Farai shares his advice on marketing for up and coming musicians – gained from his extensive experience of making music videos and guiding performers through this competitive and often cut-throat industry.

How to market yourself in the music business

First and foremost, it is essential to have branding sorted.

Aspiring musical artists of the modern climate, serious about pursuing a musical career, have so much more to consider before getting signed by record labels than in previous generations. [Read more…]

How to look your best on live streaming video

Yet again please welcome the multi-talented Steve Crawford who, in addition to being an ace performance poet and expert in sign-making and allied skills, until recently ran a very successful video production company. In the light of our increasing focus on both pre-recorded and also live streaming video, Steve has kindly shared with us the tips he put across to his video clients to ensure they looked their best on camera … whether there was time to prepare or not (much.)

How to look your best on live streaming video

If your hair is dark, stick to the medium range to dark colours, still taking care ideally to avoid black. ©ITU/ I.Wood

So you’re scheduled to appear on camera and really want you to look your best. This is especially important if you’re representing your business or an organization. You can improve the results, by following the simple guidelines I’ve listed below. [Read more…]

The Machines Have Won – a scary short story for Christmas

Today we welcome American author and family history expert writer / researcher Tom Bartlett. Originally from Boston MA he now lives with his family in Milton Keynes (my UK home town) and very kindly has shared this funny-yet-slightly-scary original story … a writer’s perfect nightmare. And if you know the Boston MA area, you will recognize some of the places Tom names.

The Machines Have Won - a scary short story for Christmas

The machines have won … but have they, really?

Cameron tilted his head forward from its reclined position in the driver’s seat, and lifted the remote in his left hand up to his line of vision. With unhurried ease, he moved his right hand to the remote and punched the blue button. [Read more…]

The Nativity with a modern twist…

Welcome back to roller banner supremo and performance poet extraordinaire Steve Crawford, who has penned his own version of the Nativity story for us in verse…enjoy!

The Nativity with a modern twist

“Nowadays a call to social services, means they would take that baby away.”

On Christmas night apparently, baby Jesus had been put in a manger.

There were horses and cows and some sheep there too, sounds to me like he could be in danger. [Read more…]