The most disgusting medical joke ever written…

While trawling through my humour database looking for a funny for today’s #SundaySmile, I tripped over this medical joke which is so revolting, it’s funny in its own right because of its horribly ironic, yet logical good sense.

the most disgusting medical joke ever

What better way could there be to teach medical students how to pay attention?

What’s even funnier is that Med School students could well learn essential lessons here

…and what better way to get them to pay attention, follows in this somewhat, er, graphic representation of the way forward.

If you’re squeamish, move on. But if you’re not, enjoy this laugh! [Read more…]

How to find the writing help you need on #HTWB

With more than 1,200 articles and tutorials on writing here on #HTWB, you may start finding a bit tricky to find what you need. So FYI, here is a breakdown of the most popular categories and specifically how they can help you with your writing.

the writing help you need on HTWB

Not sure where to look for the writing help you need here on #HWTB? This article is a useful guide.

Below all that, you’ll find a selection of the most popular articles with links to them directly. But in the meantime, here are …

Our most popular categories here on #HTWB

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Help! How do I train staff to write better local government reports?

Hi Suze:
Do you have any tips for writing ‘interesting’ reports for committees in a local government environment? I am doing some internal training in my local government department and am looking for ideas for exercises for our staff, which go beyond the ‘basic’ report writing.”
David from Manchester, England.

Training staff to write better reportsHi David!
Here are a few tips you might like to build into exercises – not just in writing interesting reports, but also in the thinking staff need to get right before they start writing.

7 ways to create more interesting reports for local government and similar organisations

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Small business: how to write better training for your staff

Running or working in a small business and want to know how to make your words work better for you? Here’s a brand new series just for you.

This time we’re looking at how to write training that works better…

How to write better training for your staff

You may only have a few employees, but keeping them well trained is a key investment in the success of your business. And as many experts suggest, training your people is not an invitation for them to move on to better things.

On the contrary: there is an old joke which may be amusing, but holds true … [Read more…]

How to write better F2F seminars and training sessions

Despite the increasing amount of virtual seminars and training technology available now – or perhaps even because of it – the face-to-face offline variety is still very much alive and kicking.

How to write better F2F seminars and training sessions

You can put your audience into small groups (with a facilitator) and send them off to breakout rooms or other quiet spots, depending on your venue, to work on some sort of exercise.

With so many digital toy-toys around to distract participants and isolate them from each other, good writing skills in live sessions can help create a powerful group dynamic, focused enthusiasm and longer-term content retention.

Here are the key issues you need to get right…and how to do it: [Read more…]

How to write multiple choice exam questions: secret tips from an expert

Have you ever wondered who writes those pesky exam questions set to trip you up? And HOW they go about doing it? I asked multiple choice exam question expert Michael Lindsey to let us into some of his secrets…pay attention now: you may be asked questions later…here’s Michael.

Writing exam questions: it’s a question of getting it right

How to write multiple choice exam questions: secret tips from an expert

Over the years the humble multiple choice exam question has come in for a bit of criticism.

“And what do you do for a living?”

This is the sort of question people ask at social occasions. A perfectly legitimate ice breaker, but one that kind of fills me with dread. [Read more…]