How to write good taglines with keywords in mind

As more and more business is done online, branding via a tagline – which used to be just about the company’s uniqueness – now has to make a major contribution to its SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), using keywords, if it’s going to get those customers and prospects clicking.

How to write taglines with keywords

Much as it’s a great achievement to have been in business for nearly 270 years, how are this name and tagline (Maille – House Founded in 1747) going to tell Google that the company makes mustard?

With your tagline being an important element in your branding and marketing, often it’s hard to reconcile what expresses the “what’s in it for you” in terms of brand values … as well as including a keyword or three to help Google bump you up into the top pages. So how do you combine the two? [Read more…]

How to get your written message over faster with an abstract

This will make you smile … we’re going to take a business writing lesson from the academic world … the abstract (noun: a short summary of a text, scientific article, document, speech, etc.), and how its concept can be adapted to help your readers get to the point ASAP. 

Writing an abstract on How To Write Better

Unlike in the art world, an “abstract” in writing terms means a summary that can work better for business writing than the “executive summary” people in business tend to use. Here’s why…

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How to write better patient information – for nurses and other health professionals

Learning how to write better patient information should not be part of a nurse’s remit. Much patient information is generic and can be written centrally, so should not be a nurse’s concern. But when an individual hospital needs to share some of its own, specific information with patients, 9 times out of 10 it falls to the nurses in that department to write it out for patients to read.

HTWB nurse

When you’re writing for patients, try to do a bit of role play; put yourself in the patient or carer’s shoes for a few minutes.

Even though a lot of patient information can be covered by generic sources of leaflets and handouts, every hospital – in the UK, anyway – does things differently. That’s when and where bespoke patient information has to be written: to explain procedures, activities, processes and more.

Here is some help with how nursing professionals can meet this need. [Read more…]

Essential business writing tips for new company start-ups: tutorial

When you’re starting a new business probably the last thing you want to focus on is what words you’ll use to write about it. So I’m sorry to be a party-pooper, guys. But party-pooper or not, I have some tips to share that will probably make quite a useful difference to the success of your business start-up. Bear with me, here.

So why does  business writing matter for new company start-ups?

Essential business writing tips for new company start-ups: tutorial [Read more…]

Website video – want the laugh of the century in Milton Keynes?

Website video - want the laugh of the century in Milton Keynes?

Can you stand watching me on video for 90 seconds? Warning: my hair is longer and my chins are fatter.

Well, much as I love writing for video and have done for some years now … and have been the interviewer on literally thousands of “off-camera” video interviews in the past … join me now to take a bit of retribution for all those poor in-vision presenters and interviewees I put through hell.

Here is “moi” on camera, unscripted, uninterviewed, just saying her piece at Jon Baker’s Social Media training and networking event in Milton Keynes yesterday morning. Shot by our very own local business networking answer to Steven Spielberg, the inimitable Mark Orr, and with greetings from some of our colleagues. It’s a great event despite starting at 07:00 hrs …! [Read more…]

How to be the most referable expert in your business: next week in Milton Keynes

Did you know that about 75 percent of new business in most marketplaces comes from referrals?

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this referability chance?That’s a staggering amount. And yet just how much attention do people pay to ensuring they genuinely are the most referable expert in their field, whether that’s local, regional, national or international?

If you’re in business, getting referred on someone’s honest recommendation is probably the best (and cheapest) marketing tool you can use to increase your sales and profitability. [Read more…]