The Machines Have Won – a scary short story for Christmas

Today we welcome American author and family history expert writer / researcher Tom Bartlett. Originally from Boston MA he now lives with his family in Milton Keynes (my UK home town) and very kindly has shared this funny-yet-slightly-scary original story … a writer’s perfect nightmare. And if you know the Boston MA area, you will recognize some of the places Tom names.

The Machines Have Won - a scary short story for Christmas

The machines have won … but have they, really?

Cameron tilted his head forward from its reclined position in the driver’s seat, and lifted the remote in his left hand up to his line of vision. With unhurried ease, he moved his right hand to the remote and punched the blue button. [Read more…]

How do I become a better writer? 10 Quick Tips

This is a question I have been seeing repeatedly on Quora over the last year or so and as far as I can figure out there have been nearly 3,000 responses.

How do I become a better writer? 10 Quick Tips

Ignore people who tell you that writing is only something you can do if you’re a genius.

So I thought … rather than let my answer get lost over there on Quora … that I would tackle that question here, in my own little way.

OK – so how do I become a better writer?

In some ways it’s a silly question because there are as many different types of writer as there are days in a year – possibly more. [Read more…]

1,000 articles on How To Write Better – time to celebrate!

Just over four years ago someone said “Suzan St Maur, you’re good at writing. I’ll help you set up a blog about it because you’re someone who can show thousands of people how to write better.”

HTWB 1000 articlesWith that to spur me on, I decided to create a writing resource for anyone who either wants to write for fun, has to write for business, or needs to write to get their messages over more effectively. And now? [Read more…]

Blind Murder: not a book for the faint hearted

Blind Murder: not a book for the faint heartedWith a title like “Blind Murder,” no prospective purchaser will expect this book to be about playful pussycats. Fortunately, the title prepares you for a crime novel that doesn’t, er, pussyfoot around. It’s violent, gory and absolutely riveting.

Blind Murder is the debut novel by Stephen G Collier, a former police officer in central England in the UK. His writing style has a cold, steel-like ring of British police jargon to it which irritates a bit at first, but you soon find its bland contrast with the sheer awfulness of the crimes concerned makes their awfulness even more, well, awful. [Read more…]

How to write poetry: 5 essentials you need to know

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Carolyn is currently promoting her latest book, The Moonsparrow Collection

Many HTWB readers have asked me to run more articles about poetry, and I want to learn more about it, too! Here we have US-based multi-published poet Carolyn Wolfe who has agreed to share her 5 key things to remember when starting to write poetry – some very valuable advice.

Over to Carolyn…

Greetings to all of you poets and bards out there!

The first thing I would like to do, before I give my advice, is to explain that when I write my poems for general readership, I write poetry in free verse.  This type of poetry does not have any particular rhythm or rhyme to it.  [Read more…]

Never mind how to write: learn how to edit

by Sandra Miller

small__299060326It’s no secret that modern people barely know how to write well. If you ask me, there are people who have great ideas and are talented enough to present them in a creative way, but the problem occurs when the editing part takes its turn. I wouldn’t go as far to say that people today don’t know how to write; I would just say that they simply don’t know how to edit their writing properly. [Read more…]