A complete novel writing course here on HTWB – for nothing

I was scrolling through the series of 30 novel writing tutorials we published here on HTWB a while ago and thought how difficult it was to find them in order, so I have listed them all here for you to use. It will make it a lot easier for you to go through the course in the correct order. As always, there’s no charge.

writing fiction on HTWB
It’s an excellent course written by novelist and publisher Lucy McCarragher, who re-edited and eventually turned it into a book which, if you prefer, you can buy here.

It’s well worth working through these in order without skipping any, even if you just read through the text rather than using sections as a basis for exercises.

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30 novel writing tutorials in this HTWB course

Part One, getting started

Part Two, externalising your work

Part Three, character development

Part Four, get your setting right

Part Five, defining your theme

Part Six, plot development

Part Seven, plot development, starting the journey

Part Eight, reversals

Part Nine, the plot climax

Part Ten, finding your voice

Part Eleven, hooking your reader

Part Twelve, show and tell

Part Thirteen, how to write dialogue

Part Fourteen, sentence structure and punctuation

Part Fifteen, paragraphs (and more punctuation)

Part Sixteen, reviewing Act One: the beginning

Part Seventeen, dealing with writer’s block

Part Eighteen, how to write a scene

Part Nineteen, have fun with research

Part Twenty, the beauty of good punctuation

Part Twenty-one, the crucial Act Two

Part Twenty-two, the 6 key fiction forms

Part Twenty-three, genres

Part Twenty-four, tighter writing

Part Twenty-five, reviewing Act Two, part two

Part Twenty-six, fiction no-nos

Part Twenty-seven, reviewing Act Three – climax and resolution

Part Twenty-eight, editing

Part Twenty-nine, formatting your manuscript 

Part Thirty, submitting your manuscript 

Good luck with your next bestselling novel!

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