Content curation: how to make it work for you

HTWB Scoopit 2Content curation has become a very powerful tool in the inbound marketing mix – provided you know how to do it, and use it, properly. Here, Winnipeg-based professional writer and content curator Cendrine Marrouat shares her tips on how to make content curation work for you…

Whenever someone asks me what activity has given my personal brand the biggest boost, I automatically answer “curation”.

I may love sharing my thoughts and tips with my audience, but I enjoy putting other worthy creators in the limelight even more. I find it a very complementary process that allows me to continue helping my audience, while not having to constantly come up with new ideas for articles.

Every day, millions of pieces of content are indexed in search engines. Unfortunately, most of the quality stuff is often buried under a pile of bad content. So, finding what you need can be very challenging – unless you can afford to spend 6 or 7 hours scouring the Internet every day.

That is where content curation comes into play. By separating the wheat from the chaff, curators fill an important need. Not only do they provide their audiences with great answers, but they also do it in a way that saves people a lot of time.

1) Curation: what is it?

Digital curators collect and sort through the huge masses of content, decide what pieces they will share, and organize them into specific categories.

We are all curators in a way. After all, who does not like to share interesting information with others? However, professional curators go beyond that simple act by also adding their own voice to the mix.

2) Curation: benefits

Let me list a few benefits for you here. There are more, but these are a good start.

  • The more interesting content you share, the more people will notice you, and the more they will want to connect with you.
  • Curating value will make you a reputable source of information. It’s how you build trust.
  • Good curation is also about showing off your personality. In a nutshell, you are what you curate.
  • As your reputation grows, people will be interested in getting to know you. A perfect branding boost!

3) How to find content

I have used many tools to find the content I curate. Let me share three of my favourites here:

  • Swayy – The service analyses your social profiles and audience’s interests and then delivers the most relevant content to you. I find gems every day!
  • – Members of the site receive a daily summary in their inbox. This summary features the top stories on the topics they follow. It is a fantastic way to discover interesting content.
  • Curate.Me – finds the best stories from your Twitter and Facebook streams and delivers them straight to your inbox. I like this service, because it only sends me a couple of stories per topic.

For more tools, you can refer to the following articles on my blog:

4) Some tips to help you do curation the right way

HTWB ScoopitBeing a good curator is not rocket science. However, it requires some practice.

First, make sure you know the difference between sharing and actual curation. Telling your friends to check out an article is one thing. It is quite another to cherry pick content based on your knowledge of your audience, and then present it in a way that makes sense to them.

Take the time to educate yourself and observe successful curators in your niche. Someone like Robin Good is a perfect example to follow.

Another important thing is to pay attention to the way each platform you will use actually works. They all serve a different purpose!

Whenever you decide to curate something, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I understand what I have just read / seen / listened to?
  • Who is the author? Are they on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+? – Always give credit where credit is due and leave a comment on their blog too.
  • How do I introduce the content to encourage my audience to read it?
  • Does the title need some reworking?
  • Where will I share the content?
  • How will I introduce it so that it is relevant to my audience on each platform?

Answering these questions has helped me focus more on my audience and less on myself. This process has made me a better writer and professional.

The exposure I have received thanks to content curation is mind blowing! For example, I have more than 11,000 followers on The competition in my industry is fierce, so these people would probably have never found me otherwise.

5) Conclusion: why you should curate content on your blog

When I talk to people about curation, they automatically think of sites like,, or Google+. Only a few will mention their own blog.

While these platforms will certainly be beneficial, I also recommend that you take advantage of your online real estate. Here are several reasons why you should do so:

  • Increasing targeted traffic to your hub.
  • Cementing your relationship with followers.
  • Allowing the creators you highlight to see you in action.
  • Attracting influencers in your niche for potential partnerships.

At the end of the day, good blogging is about customer service. So, if you can add curation to the mix, you should start seeing more and more people flock to you for answers.

About the author:

HTWB Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine Marrouat is a French-born journalist, blogger, content curator, author, and workshop facilitator living in Winnipeg. She is the founder of three social media blogs and writes for two online publications. Her latest release, The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips,” is a comprehensive resource that provides bloggers of all levels with essential information and precise guidance to attract quality traffic to their blogs. Cendrine is currently working on an eBook focusing on social media strategy.

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