Content Writing News – top curated articles for February 2015

Content Writing News February 2015Thought you folks would like to see the latest updates on what I curate, as well as the latest articles here on HTWB about content writing, that my privileged mailing list members see at the end of every month. Here is what we shared at the end of February 2015…


It has been a stressful month at Chateau StMaur as not only have I been very busy with client work, but also my 23-year-old son had a horrible accident and broke his thigh bone at the beginning of the month. He is getting a bit more mobile now but has been in a lot of pain and still needs nursing. Nonetheless I have kept an eye on what I reckon are the most useful and interesting articles and so here are my top 6…


6 ways to keep your readers coming back for more content

By Julia McCoy on Search Engine Journal. Some good ideas on how to keep your blogsite fresh and attractive. Which reminds me, I haven’t changed the theme on HTWB for quite some time…hmmmm…

Write powerful copy quickly and easily

By David Alger on Copywriter Collective. I tend to be skeptical about formulaic approaches to business writing of any kind, but this guy really has gone into the topic thoroughly. Genuinely useful if you want to try your hand at DIY ad copy.

What really is the best headline length?

Another great article by Julia Neidlinger on Co Schedule. Brilliant analysis of different headline types, which ones work and where. Not an easy topic to cover as nowadays there are several different things to consider when you write a headline, but Neidlinger does a very good job of demystifying the whole thing.

Are you talkin’ to me? Why your content is written for the wrong persona

By Marisa Smith on Business 2 Community. This might be a little psycho-babbly, but it certainly does give us a new way of analyzing our target audiences. Smith’s ideas are well worth considering.

The beginner’s guide to blogging best practices

By Matt Banner on On Blast Blog. I know we all know why blogging is a good idea but if anyone should have a doubt, they will find it researched and dealt with in this long article. If nothing else it will reaffirm your desire to blog.

8 indispensable tools every content writer needs

By Rachel Parker on Business 2 Community.  A useful roundup of Parker’s favorite toy-toys to help make the content writing process easier. Not a bad choice, if you like digital gadgets.


Why Facebook blogging works for small business – equestrian training

Another in my little series where I watch a small business and their blog posts which go directly to the social media, bypassing their own websites. Doesn’t work for everyone, but seems to work well in this case.

Learn how to write brilliant business blogs – for the price of a Starbucks coffee

A shameless plug for the Kindle version of my full-length book (you should have received the free taster preview when you signed up.) I slashed the price down to GBP £2.65 / USD $3.99, so you have no more excuses for not getting the complete volume now!

Common spelling goofs

Three part series on homophones that can be very embarrassing if you get them wrong – check them here: part 1, part 2, part 3

Why it can be OK to use Zimmer frame phrases

Well worn clichés usually are considered terrible, but there are times when you can be forgiven for using one in your writing. After all, they only become clichés because they’re good in the first place and everyone uses them – too much.

How to pace your business writing

Getting the pace of your content right isn’t just a case of keeping it short and snappy. In this article in my 10 Quick Tips series I share how to use pace, and changes of pace, to make your writing more memorable.

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