Content writing: the best of the curated crop for November 2015

HTWB CW News logoOnce again here are some really useful articles on content writing from around the internet. Enjoy…

The 10-Minute, 10-Step Solution For The Best Blog Outline
By one of my favorite content writing commentators, Julie Neidlinger – on

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“Outlining what you’re about to write isn’t done the same way by every writer. Outlining, at its barest, is you knowing ahead of time the general idea of what you’re going to write. It’s the road map, the skeleton, the structure, the foundation—you take your pick. Either way, if you’re serious about blogging, some form of blog outline process should be in your writing toolbox.” Hear ye, hear ye. Cracking-good common sense from  Julie once again.

So Long Blogging. Hello—Yep, We’re Going to Say It—Plogging
By Julia Greenburg on Wired. “The blog—a shortening of “weblog” is on its way out. Now we’re blogging on platforms. We are—yes, we’re going to say it—plogging.” Oh, really? Julia continues … “Blogs and the longer forms of expression they accommodate won’t die. You’re just likely to start finding more and more posts distributed through fewer channels.” Hmmm. There is the small matter of who owns what here: do you really want to entrust your blogs solely to someone else’s real estate, where it can be nixed in seconds? What do you think?

50 One-Sentence Social Media Hacks for Bloggers
By Jonathan John on This is one whopper of a guide on how to make the best of your social media and promote your blog posts – some great tips. “I’ve collected 50 one-sentence, bite-sized social media hacks that you can start implementing today. These are short, easily-executed tips that you should be able to apply in as little time as 10 minutes.” Almost worth printing out and sticking up on your office wall…

6 Key Blogging Lessons From Famous Business Pivots
By KeriLynn Engel on Business2Community. Despite the fact that the term “business pivot” reminds me dreadfully of a Brit English term, “pillock,” which means an idiot … never mind. This article shows how exponential thinking (a.k.a. “outside the box”) can transform a lukewarm business success via your blog, into a megabucks operation purely by watching which way the wind really  blows. Interesting stuff.

How To Write Super Sharp Bullet Points
By Casey Demchak on How To Be A Copywriter. A short but sweet read where the author makes some valid points. Considering that bullet points feature very strongly in a lot of online business communication, whether we like it or not, it’s worth getting them right and Demchak’s advice is very useful. And here’s a tip to add to his tips … where he tells you to use different trigger words for each bullet, you may well find a thesaurus like this one really handy…

A Few Quick Tips for Writing Great B2B Marketing Emails
By Idan Carmeli on Business2Community. This is an excellent article that shares some very relevant advice about writing marketing emails today, given that a vast number of recipients are reading them on phones, tablets and even – probably – on wrist watches. More than ever before, brilliance and brevity matter if you are to get your message over and make it stick. Another keeper if you use email to market your business.

That’s it for this month…

Hope you found these articles as helpful as I did.

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