Daily Fail howlers – update!!

This is not the first time we have howled with laughter at this popular British newspaper’s screaming bloopers, here on HTWB. And the trend continues. Enjoy …

Daily Mail howlers update on How To Write Better

Perhaps Amanda Holden would have been more comfortable with one of these.

Talented horsewoman killed herself hours after her beloved mare was put to sleep – and was found clutching a lock of his mane
Much as I am saddened by this story – mares are girl horses, for Heaven’s sake.

Ooh I say! Amanda Holden has been making sure she avoids wardrobe faux pas with the use of nipple covers while presenting on This Morning
You’d think they’d have given her something a bit more substantial to keep her warm.

Hollyoaks’ Kim and Grace share a kiss while Mercedes makes a sensational comeback in dramatic Spring trailer
Who was towing the trailer with the Mercedes in it?

I see one! Kim Kardashian shared a few snaps of her 21-month-old daughter North looking for eggs during an Easter egg hunt
No, surely she would be looking for bunny rabbits during an Easter egg hunt?

Mwah! Jacqueline Jossa indulged in a passionate kiss with Dan Osborne as they headed out on a date night with Dan Osborne in London
Lucky girl seems to know how to clone her men.

What a hoot! Jacqueline threw her head back in laughter as Dan entertained her in front of the cameras
It’s lucky we can’t see where his hands are.

Close encounter: Rihanna and ex Chris nearly missed each other when they arrived separately earlier in the day
Shame. Did they drive around the block so they wouldn’t miss each other next time?

Robin Williams’ children agree to settle out of court with widow who sued to keep his possession from the home where he committed suicide
Surprised the children bothered if he only had one possession left.

Daring: Wearing nothing but a pair of black nylons on the cover of the men’s magazine, with her arms barely protecting her modesty, Stephanie smoulders for the camera
Didn’t nylons go out in the 1950s? And what were they doing on her arms?

Bookmakers slash odds on royal baby being called Alice: Name now favourite at 4/1 after being 14/1 last week
Good call, especially if the baby’s a boy.

Jet-setters: The pair, who have found themselves at the centre of a media storm, have escaped the media eye
Is that because they were in the eye of the storm?

Glamour: The Oscar winner added a pop of color with a bold red lip for a perfect pout
Shame they didn’t punch the other one to make it match.

Former love: Kris was married to Bruce Jenner, pictured, from 1991 to 2105. He is currently reported to be undergoing a gender transformation
With Kris waving a magic wand from her broomstick, no doubt. Don’t you mean transition?

Happy days! If these made you laugh, please share them.


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