Déjà Vu, plus a few

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Get the feeling you’ve been here before?

We’ve all seen a few humorous take-offs of the old cliché, “déjà vu.” Here I’ve added some new ones you might like, too. Enjoy…

Déjà Ado: Perpetual troublemaker

Déjà Boo-Boo:  Mistake you’ve made before

Déjà Blue: Former British Conservative or US Democrat voter

Déjà Brew: (UK) Teabag in cup with boiling water having been forgotten for an hour

Déjà Choo: Rather worn-out, exceedingly expensive ladies’ high-heeled shoes

Déjà Coup: A peaceful revolution

Déjà Crew: Down-route airline cabin attendants with serious hangovers, working return flight

Déjà Doo-Bee-Doo: Rather bad Frank Sinatra impersonator

Déjà Due: Baby born later than full-term

Déjà Flew: Elderly Boeing 737 used by airlines in developing countries

Déjà Glue: Horse that has behaved badly and greatly angered its rider

Déjà Goo: Pre-liquidized baby food

Déjà ICU: Close to death

Déjà Loo: An ancient British toilet, pre-Thomas Crapper

Déjà Moo: Well hung, properly matured beef

Déjà Phew: The intense relief when you finally make it to the toilet

Déjà Poo: The feeling that you’ve heard all this sh*t before

Déjà Pru: Experienced, older insurance salesman

Déjà Queue: (UK) People who camp outside department stores at sales time so they can be first in line to buy a bunch of cheap junk they don’t need

Déjà Screw: Someone’s old flame

Déjà Spew: Mashed vegetables that look like vomit

Déjà Stew: Meat that already has started to rot

Déjà Tattoo: Faint remaining marks from attempts to de-ink skin

Déjà Who: Amnesia sufferer

Déjà Woo: Someone who has turned down a proposal of marriage

Déjà You: Clone, identical twin or doppelgänger

Déjà Zoo: Escapees from an animal safari park