Diary of a self-isolator: so thanks for April Fool, coronamonster

You notice I have upgraded myself from lowly social distancer to the rank of fully fledged self-isolator? Being the wrong side of 60 with the medical history of a three-legged baboon, plus my son snapping at my heels to make me stay indoors, I’m in.

One little germ and its trillions of friends, naked to the human eye, have managed to achieve what the world’s superpowers and despots would love to have done many times over. WTF.

Voluntarily though: no letter or text from the NHS sentencing me to 12 weeks’ incarceration. It’s nice to know at least they think I’m healthy.

Had it not been for the internet and social media I would be chewing the wallpaper by now but what with Facetime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. I have a larger choice of socialising venues than there are (or were) in London’s West End.

Anyway that’s not the April Fool: this is:

The following is an extract from a beautiful piece of writing by Pierre Alain Lejeune, a Priest from Bordeaux in France. If you want to read his whole text and all about him, here is the link.

I’ve included the first paragraph in French, because it is so beautiful, then followed it with the Google / St Moo translation. Do please read Fr Lejeune’s whole blog here … and if you don’t understand the French, the rest of the Google translate English version is quite good.

In French: Ce monde lancé comme un bolide dans sa course folle, ce monde dont nous savions tous qu’il courait à sa perte mais dont personne ne trouvait le bouton « arrêt d’urgence », cette gigantesque machine a soudainement été stoppée net. A cause d’une toute petite bête, un tout petit parasite invisible à l’œil nu, un petit virus de rien du tout… Quelle ironie ! Et nous voilà contraints à ne plus bouger et à ne plus rien faire. Mais que va t-il se passer après ? Lorsque le monde va reprendre sa marche ; après, lorsque la vilaine petite bête aura été vaincue ? A quoi ressemblera notre vie après ?

In English: (my own translation, re-translation and additions.) Today’s world, launched like a rocket in its mad rush … today’s world which we all knew was running blindly towards disaster (but nobody found the “emergency stop” switch) … this gigantic machine suddenly stopped dead. (Not because of nuclear war. Not because of global warming. But…) Because of a very small beast. A very small parasite invisible to the naked eye. A microscopic virus. What irony! And here we are forced to stop moving and do nothing more. But what will happen next? When can the world start moving again? Only when the ugly little beast is defeated. What will our life look like afterwards?

And all it takes to kill the little b*stard is to wash your hands.

Stay safe, stay home and stay sane.

Sz xx

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