Diary of a self-isolator: handwashing rant Part Two

Corona virus common sense: washing your lovely pinkies ain’t enough. Washing your palms and wrists ain’t enough.

On the other hand you do not need a full-body power shower each time you sneeze or touch a handrail.

Do you get where we’re going here? What do you wear on the lower part of your arms, connecting with your hands?

Coronavirus might be lurking in these…

Jewellery: especially bracelets

We often take our rings off before washing our hands (and have forgotten to put them back on afterwards. Let’s not go there.)

We sometimes take off our watches, too.

But bear in mind that other jewellery worn on or towards your hands may be just as full of COVID19 crap as your hands themselves, especially as the warmer weather begins and we wear shorter sleeves.

Washing hands with soap: it’s the foam/lather that traps the viruses which then get rinsed off when you rinse your hands.

Solution? Wear jewellery and watches that can be washed, and don’t wear stuff that can’t be

I wish I could remember the social media post in which a nurse described how you should wash your jewellery as well as your hands. However as I recall it she just suggested a similar regime to that of basics of COVID19 handwashing.

I have to smile at this video, promoted by the famous and revered John Hopkins Medicine and purported to be the official WHO handwashing method. Why? Have a look…

(What about her bracelet? Was I dreaming, or did that not get the soapy lather treatment?)

To this I would add using an old, soft toothbrush slathered in hot water, handsoap or detergent to scrub out fancy gem mountings and other complex areas where viruses could lurk. Scrub gently using a circular, not back-and-forth motion, especially when cleaning old/antique jewellery or stone-set rings and bracelets with delicate mountings.

Use the soft old toothbrush, too, to clean under your nails especially if you have long ones / fake ones.

What jewellery can’t be washed?

Types to take off and stop wearing until this crisis is over:
Fabric watch straps
Fabric jewellery, wrist bands, etc.
‘Shower-proof’ watches (they aren’t always)
Bracelets consisting of beads etc. strung on elastic fibre, or even rubber (wears out)

Types that will wash well 
All metal and gemstone jewellery
Absolutely waterproof watches (if they have metal straps take them off and scrub them between their links: if they have leather straps just wash the watch bit carefully)
Silicone wristbands
Stainless steel magnetic bracelets
Stainless steel identity / ‘Medic Alert’ / other bracelets

PUNCHLINE: Whenever you wash your hands for coronavirus safety, wash as much of your nearby jewellery as possible at the same time. And if you want to do yourself  favour? Stop wearing complicated jewellery (with elaborate work, settings, etc. ) where COVID could lurk undetected while this disaster lasts … we can all enjoy displaying our jewellery fineries once the disaster has passed, as inevitably it must.


Sz xx