Diary of a self-isolator: After Lockdown

Here’s a little verse or three to make us think about what happens next…enjoy.

I’m sick of being here on my own, sat on my fat posterior.

Office workers’ quandary

I wish I weren’t so stuck at home
These walls are too familiar
I’m sick of being here on my own
Sat on my fat posterior.

Those curtains I once thought were great
Of such design seduction
Now make me want to masticate
Puke up my latest luncheon.
The gentle tinkles from next door
Of music so productive
Now make me hate my neighbour more
For being Bach-destructive.
The birds who tweet at five a.m.
I might have loved their angle
But sleepless that I so, so am
I’m tempted to think, strangle ...
I’m lucky that I live alone
No kids to home-school anyway
Home business that I’ve always owned
And space that’s like a holiday.
But what happens when it’s done?
What’s up with us tomorrow?
Will we go back to where we’ve gone
No lessons learned, no sorrow?
Don’t be silly. That’s a joke
There’ll not be a new normal
We can’t expect our COVID folk
To go back to being formal.
Once families have mourned and wept
And said goodbye to loved ones
And cursed at ignorance inept
Of politics and Big Guns…
…and thanked and thanked and thanked some more
Key workers – life’s true heroes
Who risked (and gave) their lives for your
And my safety: asked for zero.
Go back to work like bleating sheep?
In offices and buildings far
From easy working we could keep
Within our homes, no need for a car?
No more commutes or cubicle farms
No more sweaty shoves and bustle
Of travel, stinking under-arms
Bad breath, BO and crowded hustle.
I’m now convinced in every way
And feeling all superior
Yep! Work from home is here to stay
For me and my posterior.

What differences would you like to see in your life after Lockdown?

Please share!