Diary of a self-isolator: Lockdowners’ Laughs Part One

Over on my personal Facebook page I’ve been running some jokes every evening and my followers are growing exponentially. I’ve laughingly declared myself the Humorist Laureate of the Coronavirus Pandemic – frivolous, I know, but it’s one of the few things I can do to help and something quite a few of us need – to laugh. It relieves the stress.

In this episode of Lockdowners’ Laughs … a festival of puns!

20 punsational jokes for the UK long weekend
14 really clever puns, thanks to Ellen
24 clever puns for out-there punsters
Yummy puns for foodies
Punserama: can you laugh like a lexophile?
More posh puns for educated minds
Puns for intellectuals

What are your favourite puns? Please share in the comments!

And a moment of gratitude…Recently I got a comment on one of my Facebook JOKE TIME posts from someone I don’t know (my page is Public) thanking me for trying to keep folks laughing a bit to contrast with the hideous nature of what we’re all dealing with right now.  I so appreciated that because it recognised me for doing my tiny little bit in this crazy, hideous pandemic.

Update April 8th: here’s another comment that made me cry: at least I feel I am contributing something to the “war effort” against COVID19 which, as a writer, can be hard to do. It’s below in the comments section… “I love reading your daily puns Suzan St Maur. You are doing a brilliant job keeping us amused. And this is coming from a fellow humourist. Julie.”

Stay home, wash your hands and try to laugh a little each day.

Sz xx
Humour helps heal