Diary of a self-isolator: to-do list for when COVID’s all over

What plans do you have when this COVID pandemic is finally over? I’ve jotted down some ideas for my own, er, intentions … and please do add your own thoughts into the comments.

When this sh*t is over I will …

Wrap myself up from head to foot in toilet paper

What things are you most looking forward to once COVID is all over?

Touch my face, if I can find it again

Accept – maybe even enjoy – that we’ll now go back to talking about Brexit

Introduce myself in person to my (adult) kids who’ve only seen my digital face for weeksHelp my local restaurant clear out the tumbleweed

Put the hand sanitiser back in the bottom of my bag where it had lived for two years

Read “The Highway Code” before I take the car out for the first time

Vow to never again sing “Happy Birthday”

Take 18 cans of tomato soup and 24 bags of rice, sneakily stockpiled, to the foodbank

Call my distiller friend, who has been making hand sanitiser, and tell her to start making gin again

Remember that for F2F meetings, unlike Facetime or Zoom, I need to put shoes on

Suggest my hairdressers set up a wig sideline with all the hair they’ll be cutting

Leave the deckchair and reading material behind when I go to the supermarket

Stand closer than two metres from my partner and kids

Resume swearing at birds that crap on the windscreen, rather than admiring their songs

And your key activities once the demon bug has left us?

Please share your thoughts….

Sz xx