Diary of a social distancer 2 – who would have a Cockapoo?

Who would have a Cockapoo? Especially at Coronavirus time?

I wouldn’t have, except yet again I heard a long sob-story. That time it was about litter sisters aged nearly two who were to be split up and rehomed. Yes, I ended up with both of them.

The smaller of the two is the most loving, affectionate, welcoming, delightful, deceitful, scheming little killing machine you’ve ever seen on four curly, furry legs.

Mousey (back to camera) and sister Pippin having just had their hair done.

I renamed her ‘Mousey’ as I decided her original moniker of ‘Muffin’ was too gooey for her – that was after she had nipped out of the garden a few days after moving in, come back with an adult rabbit the size of a tomcat and killed it on the back doorstep.

Later on that year she stuffed herself on slug pellets and nearly died.

2020: they’re seven years old

Having been a social distancer working from home since the Dark Ages, I’m quite comfortable in my home office and have plenty of work with writing and editing. Smug? Hmmm.

Cut to moi entering said office this morning to find a glitter garden. Mousey, who often jumps up on to my desk to see if there’s anything edible, had found the last few tabs of a supplement I give to my oldest dog, ripped them out of the foil wrappers, ate them, then shredded everything else she could find.

I prayed that the vacuum cleaner wouldn’t choke and die.

The medication is harmless, but I will be poop-inspecting in the garden soon in the hope that I see plenty more glitter.

Bloody Cockapoos: who would have one? (That’s why I have two.)

Stay safe, take care, wash your paws and love your pets.

Sz xx