Diary of a social distancer – handwashing rant Part One

“Ooooh, sh*t: my hands are SO sore from all this handwashing!” In my social distancing from this coronavirus / Covid19 tragedy I keep reading people’s posts, bleating about how sore their hands are.

Yet “your grandmother’s bar of soap kills the virus.”

Hello? Yes, it does, and not for an obvious reason

Your grandmother’s bar of soap kills the coronavirus. So do you still want to bitch about how sore your hands might be?

Haven’t you ever heard of Vaseline? Or vegetable oil? Or any other of hundreds of emollient products you can still buy for small sums so you can stop whining about your scratchy hands and instead help slow down this evil pandemic?

Let’s get a grip on this issue

Who cares about the quality of the skin on our hands when that same skin could transmit the coronavirus to you and many others, unless it is properly washed and sanitised?

And for the cynics about handwashing: hey, it’s not quite that simple.

Much as we have grown up with the idiom of “soap and water” being the classic old-fashioned cleansing mantra for the last 200 years or so, right now there’s a much more scientific and reassuring value to it.

This article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper by Pall Thordarson tells it like it is. “The science of soap – here’s how it kills the coronavirus.”

Washing hands with soap: it’s the foam/lather that traps the viruses which then get rinsed off when you rinse your hands.

Get using that soap

Even if it has been in the bathroom cupboard for a while. As Pall Thordarson says in his article, “your grandmother’s bar of soap kills the virus.”

In case you need reminding, here is a good version of how to do it properly:

Happy soapy washy. Stay safe, keep warm and keep washing your hands – with soap.

Sz xx