Diary of a social distancer – are you at the WTF stage?

Does normality seem like it was 100 years ago?
Do you feel that the effing COVID bug has kicked your legs out from under you and taken the p*ss out of everything you previously thought was OK?

Are you at the WTF stage about Coronavirus?

OKies … let’s hear it.


(Apologies to non-swearers but hey – come on, this is not an ordinary occasion.)

Scary times.

Made even worse by the fact that we don’t really know what next to be scared of.

What next? Not humour, FFS? 

Yes, humour.

Pure, simple chuckles at the insanity of life that will give us a belly laugh and take our minds off the hideousity of The Bug, if only for a minute or two.

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And please share the humour that YOU find helps to make you smile, chuckle, snicker or laugh at, too:

… sharing and caring is all about what we’re doing right now. So please join us!

Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and keep laughing at whatever you can.

Sz xx