Editing your online writing – 10 Quick Tips

Editing your online writing - 10 Quick TipsYou know how it feels … you’re looking through your article or blog post and you see things you want to change, so you add in a few words here, take out a few words there, and press “save” assuming the result will be what you intended. Then you hit “publish,” “send” or whatever other point-of-no-return you’re using.

And it’s only later that you realize that although your edits made sense in themselves, you forgot to go back and check that the whole new sentence or paragraph still made sense. So here are 10 Quick Tips to help ensure that doesn’t happen again…

1.Take out any adjectives and adverbs that don’t work genuinely hard

2.Remove repetitive words, phrases and sentences

3.Make sure each sentence flows logically into the next

4.Make sure paragraphs and sections flow in logical sequence too

5.Run a final spell check and double check homophones, etc.

6.Check to make sure you haven’t got any inappropriate words left over from an earlier edit

7.Ensure that nouns and verbs still agree with each other

8.Print out a copy and proofread from the paper version – mistakes always show up better that way

9.If that’s not possible, make a copy of your original text and change the font – different typeface. You’ll see mistakes more easily that way, too.

10.Whether on screen or printed out, proofread your work backwards. I know it sounds crazy, but you won’t miss any spelling mistakes that way.

You’ll find more about editing your writing here, and here…good luck!