Enjoy your Thanksgiving USA, in this extraordinary year

One way or another 2020 has probably been one of the weirdest years in the USA’s history since you dumped all that tea into Boston harbour.

Without wishing to get political or name names, I must say that – from my own personal point of view – I’m delighted for you guys that your political future finally looks more stable.

Now all we all have to do is to work together to beat down the COVID pandemic so we can all get on with ‘normal’ lives, and restore the rest of the world’s political sanity that has been absent for some years.

And by the way, while you’re here have a look at this, er, funny and irreverent article I wrote about the US Thanksgiving way back in pre-Trump days…

All that is to come!

In the meantime we hope you’re having a great long weekend. Relax, enjoy the peace and trust that you have finally commandeered those chances to put right so many wrongs.

With our very best wishes from the UK!

(And please save me some pumpkin pie: we didn’t make any for our Canadian Thanksgiving last month here in the UK.)

Happy Thanksgiving USA!

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