“Everyone’s thinking Christmas. What can I blog about now?”

Does this sound like you? Need to blog for your regular readers but don’t want to fight with the endless recipes, decoration ideas, gift ideas and special offers?

My offering for Xmas 2019 – click on the photo for more info

Here are a few slightly ‘out of the box’ thought-starters

Food/catering/hospitality businesses
Ideas for ‘the morning after’ food and drink
What really can cure a hangover – or can it? (And how guests can avoid hangovers with low-alcohol drinks)
What to do with leftovers; what freezes well, what doesn’t
Last minute ideas for vegan Christmas dinners
How to make extra-sure your Christmas food is safe (for coeliac/gluten, peanut/nut, dairy, etc. sensitive guests)

Emotional self-help, complementary therapists, Yoga/fitness trainers
How to calm family feuds without calling a lawyer***
Entertainment that gently drags folks away from TV and internet
Mindfulness techniques for the harrassed Christmas chef
Quick recuperation exercises for Boxing Day
Gentle exercise for all the family irrespective of age

Business and sales consultants, business trainers, HR consultants
What you need to get out of your Holiday break for yourself
What you can learn from your time off, its relevance to your business and your employees
The benefits of forgetting about planning for 2020 until you go back to work
2020: the start of a new decade. Why this matters and how it differs from before
How we should apply post-Brexit thinking to our businesses from January onwards

Creative businesses, design, web design/hosting, writing
What haven’t we kept up with in 2019 and how that has affected us
What new apps, software and other digital toy-toys will affect us in 2020 and beyond
Has anyone actually got to grips with AI, and what it might do to creativity?
Is digital creativity becoming more complex, or more user-friendly?
The key upcoming digital developments creative folks need to be ready for

For more ideas on what to blog about, check out this round-up

Books, creative writing, fiction, nonfiction, publishing
Traditional ‘trade’ publishing: what is its future? Really?
Why self-publishing finally will be perceived as unconnected with vanity publishing
Audiobooks: their real place in the books and entertainment markets
What people really want to read in eBooks, and why
The best places to find the best creative nonfiction

Practical self-help, motoring, household, DIY
DIY household emergency tips when the “professionals” are all off work
Driving a long way for Christmas/New Year?
Some essential driving reminders (as well as reminders about keeping the car going!)
Burglary prevention: yes, it does apply to you and all of us
Ways to stop your plants being damaged by frost
How to lag your pipes before they get into trouble
Why you should get your gutters cleaned out now

Family lawyers, counsellors and therapists 
Christmas comes but once a year: why you should not view it as the end of the world
Park those differences: wait until January to re-assess them
Was it the booze and/or stress/boredom talking?
Why the Holidays place a lot of stress on normal relationships
How to split Christmas amicably between couples with young children

How many other slightly “off the wall” ideas for Christmas blog posts can you add to these?

Please share!