Should some of our faith in human nature be restored?

With Donald Trump having been heartily lampooned in the last four years and having been the source of thousands of mocking jokes and cartoons in most of the English language media, now – suddenly – the mood has shifted.

Everyone wishes him well.

Trump’s illness may throw the final spanner / monkey wrench into the works.

No-one has said ‘I told you so’

Suddenly, now that Donny’s got the virus, even his archest rivals are being kind and wishing him and FLOTUS a speedy recovery.

There have been a few bitchy comments in social media and they have been slapped down even by staunch Democrats.

The conspiracy-mongers made a start by hinting that the diagnosis could raise Trump’s chances of a sympathy vote and that the whole story is yet more fake news. But that concept seems a bit unlikely when you now see how more and more White House gnomes are falling like skittles with the virus. They can’t all be faking it. And the conspiracy-mongers have gone quiet.

It says a lot for the generosity of human nature that people can hate a politician’s guts with all their hearts and yet when he runs into serious misfortune, they don’t wave karma under his nose.

Writing kind thoughts

With even China’s President Xi offering his best wishes, you begin to wonder what all the bitching and back-stabbing we’ve witnessed recently really adds up to?

It’s lovely to think that when the chips are down, we humans can pull together and care for each other. It’s reassuring.

It’s also lovely to see that despite the irony of Trump being incapacitated by the virus and possibly may die from it, no-one is rubbing his nose in it.

Not good for election prospects

As if this presidential election weren’t unusual enough, Trump’s illness may throw the final spanner / monkey wrench into the works.

“The public has consistently given the president low marks for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, so anything that puts the focus on the disease is potentially damaging for his re-election prospects,” writes Anthony Zurcher, North America reporter for the BBC. “Complicating matters for the president will be that many Americans might recall what many would describe as the president’s sometimes cavalier attitude toward Covid-19.”

But never mind the election: let’s get him well first

All this speculation is understandable but probably a waste of time until we know how Trump will come through this.

So in the meantime let’s all continue to send him our good wishes and/or prayers (as does Nancy Pelosi) no matter what our political viewpoints are.

And while we’re doing that, it might be a good idea also to send our condolences to the families of more than 200,000 people who have died from the virus in the USA.

I wonder if our Donny is thinking about them now?

What do you think? Is this crisis bringing out the best in us?

Please share your views.

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