Déjà vu jokes … plus a few…

Thanks to Nigel Jamie Bangs who shared this gag on my Facebook group, The Joke Street Journal (please join if you want some good laughs).

Here are some funny jokes about deja vu

The original (not mine) – how many more can YOU come up with?

The original
was this >>>

And that got me thinking.

So I started writing…

..and writing…

..and writing…

…and came up with the following:

Déjà Boo:  Boring people with ghost stories when it isn’t Halloween

Déjà Blue: Long-standing UK Conservative voter

Déjà Brew: (UK) Teabag in cup with boiling water having been forgotten for an hour

Déjà Choo: Rather worn-out pair of exceedingly expensive ladies’ high-heeled shoes

Déjà Crew: Down-route airline cabin attendants with bad hangovers on return flight

Déjà Flew: Elderly Boeing 737 used by airlines in developing countries

Déjà Goo: A recipe destined to look and taste like sludge no
matter what you do to it

Déjà Loo: An ancient British toilet

Déjà Moo: Well hung, properly matured beef

Déjà Phew: That sense in intense relief when you finally make it to the toilet

Déjà Poo: The feeling that you’ve heard all this crap before (the original gag)

Déjà Pru: Someone who is immune to any attempt at selling them insurance

Déjà Queue: Waiting in line for 2 days prior to the sales

Déjà Stew: Meat on its final sell-by date

Déjà Sue: A lost legal cause, not worth a lawsuit

Déjà Woo: A multiple divorcee

How many more can you come up with?

Go on – get creative!

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