New words to be, er, adopted by the Oxford (& Webster) Dictionaries…

Here are some ideas for new words which I am hoping to submit for consideration to these august establishments. But first, please read them through and let me know what you think?

new words

Distemper, n. Personality disorder arising from losing your temper too often

A few of the new words we’re looking at here on HTWB…

AhI (Artificial hIntelligence), n. Human reality checks despised by AI developers

Amehzing, adj. Averagely amazing

Awescum, adj. Mediocre, dreary, flaky. Opposite of ‘awesome’

Bantastic, adj. So fantastic that it’s likely to be banned for its lasciviousness

Big Bother, n. New reality TV series that pits rival teams of cage fighters against each other in an east London or South Los Angeles nightclub

BlinkedIn, n. New platform for online speed networking

Boogle, n. Special platform developed by Google for Halloween content

Bovexcrement, n. Polite term for bullsh*t

Business Muddel, n. Business Model that hasn’t been thought through properly

Casebook, n. Special section of Facebook reserved for crime and forensic specialists to share their expertise as well as what they ate for breakfast

Cranksgiving, n. A day for Scrooge-like people to celebrate being bitter old goats

Crasshole, n. Someone who is both unpleasant and vulgar

Distemper, n. Personality disorder arising from losing your temper once too often.

Drabulous, adj. Something that should have been fabulous, but wasn’t

Engrage, v. When two warring parties are forced to work together

Fadass, n. A fat badass

Fib-reat, v. What you say under your breath after saying “great,” but you were lying

Foncey, adj. A word that describes contemporary architecture that tries a little too hard to be adorable. (A mix of fancy and poncey.)

Friendient, n. Someone who is a friend as well as a client

Flicktion, n. Fiction suitable for making into a movie

Frustomer, n. See above: a friend who also is a customer

Fumblr, n. Online platform for inexperienced lovers

Game On Thrones, n. The game of musical chairs played using a number of portable toilets

Ginterest, n. New online networking platform for the thousands of recently addicted gin drinkers

Hoolit, adj. Cool but hot and fit at the same time

Inabblotriate, adj. Food unsuitable for people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Inafflotriate, adj. Unstable design of boat or yacht

Incondoable, adj. Difficult but inconvenient to do

Mothermucker, n. A bad person who messed their mother around but didn’t do anything illegal

Netprix, n. Popular soft porn viewing facility

Pararhyme, n. Poetry with clearly defined structure

Pokivate, v. To motivate using especially powerful persuasion

Prappy, adj. Crappy, when said in proper, posh company

Présumé, n. A job-seeking document that assumes your superiority. To be avoided if possible.

Proffee, n. Business meeting over coffee

Screaming, n. A faster and more effective way of streaming information on the internet

Shill, v. Shut up and chill

Sinergy, n. Instant illicit sexual attraction

Techyuk, n. A state of being fed up with constant tech promotion

Thriftmas, n. What people do in the Holidays to avoid spending fortunes

Wanchor, n. Anchor that doesn’t work properly

Weemail, n. Bitchy messages from colleagues or social media “friends”

Wrexit, n. What it appears that everyone in government in 2019 is doing

Now – which do you like best? Please share

And of course please add any new terms of yours that you would like to see in, at least, some dictionaries…!

Image by the wonderful Danish artist Frits Ahlefeldt – have a look at his amazing work here, and his downloads here.