At last, my new baby’s here – to get your book out there!

Welcome to How To Write Better’s (HTWB’s) bouncy, bolshie young sibling … Better Books Media™ (BBM)! This is the new home for everything you need to get you started with a book or book-related project – even if you’ve never written a book or eBook before.

Like many youngsters BBM is still living at home with a parent (HTWB) but will have its own site one day when it’s earning decent money and has learned how to do its own laundry. In the meantime here’s how its concept can achieve what many more stuffy publishing services would say is impossible: it’s a blend of literary agency, author coaching, and a publishing service.  Eat your heart out, traditional publishing thinkers.better books media
Better Books Media™ is a wholly owned imprint and brand belonging to me, Suzan St Maur. For now it is delivering my own books – and of course my self-publishing clients are welcome to have their books published under this imprint if they wish, too. In fact two such clients already have joined me as BBM authors.

It is also delivering my very special, bespoke author coaching and publishing advice via my own experience and skillset, and that of my brilliant, hand-picked virtual team of nonfiction and fiction editors, book producers, book designers, illustrators, audio recordists, and more.

My business model is simple … horses for courses. You get the best of advice and talent according to your exact needs: you don’t pay for anyone’s overheads, mortgage, office rental, BMW or ego.

Read on now and see how Better Books Media™ can provide you with…

…the help you need to write your book and get it out there. Want to know more?

And if you have any specific questions …

Drop me an email now —
Tell me a little about your book, how far you’ve got with it,
and how readers will benefit from it (fiction or nonfiction.)
I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Out later in 2020 … the book that tells it all for nonfiction authors! More info and pre-order coming soon…

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  1. Congratulations Suzan! You will be wonderful at this. :o)

  2. Good luck and lots of cake for your new venture. Well done, you!

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