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At long last, a book about writing wedding speeches that are bang up to date – not still based on the traditional roles from the last century or two, although there’s plenty of advice on how to do those well if they are your choice.

Added to that, though, are speech ideas for all the women in your family and circle of close friends … your children, both adult and younger … and of course, partners, friends and families of same-sex marriage partners.

Interestingly enough as of today’s date, there are no other books on Amazon or elsewhere that I can find, and I have been researching… that cover such a wide spread of wedding speech makers in as many social circumstances as I have included.

Although this is an eBook it’s not a short one. In all it runs to more than 90 single-spaced A4 pages, nearly 25,000 words which is just over half the length of an average business or self-help paperback book.

In fact I had to restrain myself with this book as there was so much more I could have shared … maybe in the next edition which I will produce and publish as a full-length book if you folks decide you’d like that!

Get your copy (click on) here – it’s just £1.99 as an instant PDF download

And here’s the list of chapters…something for (almost) everyone!


Chapter 1
Speeches for anyone, not just in the traditional roles

Chapter 2
The traditional roles if you want to stick to them

Chapter 3
Speeches for wedding rehearsal dinners

Chapter 4
Planning – the foundation of success

Chapter 5
Preparation – the more you do, the better you’ll be

Chapter 6
Humour – how to make it work well for you

Chapter 7
Poetry – how to use it creatively

Chapter 8
Rehearsal and delivery

Chapter 9
If all else fails and the dog eats your notes…

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Writing speeches for the wedding rehearsal dinner … out later this week

As a gift to you, I’m sharing a whole chapter from Wedding Speeches For Everyone later this week here on HTWB. So if you’re not convinced already, come back Friday and you’ll see for yourself how useful this little (well, not so little) eBook will be for you or anyone you know who needs to write a wedding speech.

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And needless to say if you have any comments or questions about writing Wedding Speeches For Everyone...

Just drop me a line on and I’ll see if I can help you.

Happy reading – and have a wonderful wedding!