Good article marketing? No, I’d rather shoot myself

As many of you know I turn into a flame-breathing dragon when “article marketing” is mentioned because so much of it insults the intelligence of readers by being utter bullsh*t.

Regurgitated by software that just mixes words up and presents the latest random mix as an “original article,” this travesty of simple English is cheerfully littered around the internet in the hope of boring drop-in readers so quickly that they have no option but to click on one of the sponsored links purely to escape from the sheer drivel of the original piece.

In my online years I have seen some pretty cringe-making articles of this nature hit the streets. But this one – submitted to one of my alma mater sites – not only illustrates my point but also makes me want to cry for the poor people whose livelihoods might depend on this ridiculous employer. And if this type of “article” is considered acceptable in some online circles, pardon me while I vomit.

Is this really what “article marketing” means now? Should I be writing garbage like this instead of useful, interesting articles on here and for my clients? And more to the point, would you want your business to be promoted by garbage like this? Tell me what you think of the following…

A verbatim quote: topic, hand bags

(Link) bag is not just Ms. Patents, but also the men go out essential. Messenger contracted out to people to bring the convenience, the actual. It allows you to get rid of always using hand-held with your heavy bag.

General Messenger bag, shoulder strap can adjust the length, which ultimately, rivets, so MM should pay more attention to the care of their bag. Otherwise, rivets rust will be greatly reduced to the appearance of the bag.

Then we take a look at today’s (name) shoulder Messenger Bag. The small pocket on the back to put the wallet, mobile phones and some common things. Inside the bag. More suitable for those who like a big bag of MM.

A lot of MM is like (Link), because it is fashionable, elegant styles, giving a very generous feeling. So  (link) how to choose a good bag? In fact, divided into several areas: First, from the fabric, good bags touched, not very smooth.

Second, from the lining, sometimes looks not bad, but there is first broken, there will be some brands of bags inside a brand logo. Second, from the ingredients, and some packages more easily deformed, a good package on the fabric with a layer of non-woven fabrics used for the solid prototype. Finally, from the work on the footing is more dense, which is less likely to open line. Well said and so many believe that the MM who already know how to pick a good bag.

Many (link) people still prefer the petite that bag, Messenger bag (name) the outlet of many women. Although the bag capacity is not much, but very characteristic. I believe like a little bag you will love it.

We need to get to by (name) outlet to buy it!

Lesson learned?

If you want to sell to English-language markets, learn to write in English. What an utter insult to internet users’ intelligence… do you agree? Please share your views here…

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  1. Is that by twisting?

  2. Burn them, burn them all! 🙂

    Okay, more seriously, I feel your pain (basically ‘cos I suffer from it as well). One can only hope that Google has the brains to stop this kind of thing and not credit it in any way. That way the SEO advantage is nil and (hopefully) the practise should die out.

    One can dream…. 🙂

  3. Feel for your pain and share it.

  4. Good grief! That is appalling – I hope no-one actually paid for that, Suze…

    • I expect someone did pay for that, Babs, but peanuts – there are companies offering article writing at prices around $5 per article or less and you can imagine that even in other countries where earnings are lower that only buys you some automated junk. Article spinning software is pretty cheap and I think now you can even get some versions for free. What an insult to decent writing … and to internet users upon whom this junk is inflicted.

  5. Oh yes – I meant spinning software! Mind you it’s a heap of junk whether it’s twisted, spun or wrung out.

  6. Only just read this and thank you for it. I had no idea how or why there were so many of this ghastly writing on the net. It’s a relief to find out we are only competing with machines. Long live the human brain

  7. You get some complete gibberish with article spinning. Usually the first one, the one that’s supposed to ‘make sense’, isn’t particularly good. Bad English, typically outsourced, and empty of any valuable content.

    It’s actually the search engines who are to blame for this. They encouraged people to write anything provided it contained a link. People are lazy, so it turned into the vapid mulch that makes up 99% of the Internet. Panda and Penguin have tried to address it.

    We’ll have to see if a new, better Internet springs forth.

  8. Hi Sean (see trackback, below) – I have commented on your blog post to say a) I promise I won’t really shoot myself and b) it’s not article marketing itself that’s a problem for me, but the poor standard of so many articles used in that process! Actually, readers, click through to Sean’s article because it contains some good advice on how to write decent material.


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