Google with a capital G or not? Help me out here…

In the latest exciting news since someone photographed the Duchess of Cambridge’s bosoms from half a mile away, let’s now focus on this fresh scandal to erupt on the international  stage (well, in my house in the village of Aspley Guise, anyway) – should the word Google be capitalized or not?

Now that Google has become a generic term,
should it lose its capital letter …
and then become the root of hundreds of new words?

Further to my article back in July about the ways in which brand names lose their proper noun status when they become generic terms, I am now really beginning to panic about Google. In my editing role I’m often called upon to make decisions on which choice to make when I am, er, tidying up people’s text and Google is the
number one headache for me.

What happens now that Google has become google the generic?

This is what worries me most, because it will trigger an entire new vocabulary – nay, a whole dictionary of new words for the likes of Webster, Collins, Chambers, Longman and OED to add into their databases.

For example:

Antegoogle (adj.) – when you had to search in public libraries

Antigoogle (adj.) – Yahoo, plus a few

Double Google (n.) – a new offering from Burger King decorated with two side-by-side onion rings

googleass (n.) – someone who only ever looks as far as the first page on google (UK: googlearse)

googleate (v.) – basically to google, only ponced up as in “conversate” (which means converse)

googlecentric (adj.) – a trendy way of saying “about google”

googlectomy (n.) – a surgical procedure in which the google search facility is physically removed from all the patient’s online hardware

googlefest (n.) – German googling

googleitis (n.) – an inflamed obsession with googling

googlemaster (n.) – someone who can search and find a taxidermist in Tokyo in less than 10 seconds

googlemeister (n.) – a German who can do the same thing

googleoscopy (n.) – a diagnostic procedure whereby a google search is performed of the patient’s brain

googleostomy (n.) – surgery performed to replace removed google facility with Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.

googlephrenia (n.)  – when someone always has google running on two screens at once

googler (n.) – someone who googles, despite it sounding like a voyeuristic pervert

googlerama (n.) – an American orgy of google searching

googleshit (n.) – all the dross that you didn’t want to find in your search

googlessence (n.) – a boringly encyclopaedic mindset

googlette (n.) – a brief google as opposed to a major search (not a small sanitary towel)

googleup (v.) – cowboy slang for performing a google search

McGoogle (n.) – a rather cardboard-like competitor of the Double Google (see above)

multigoogle (v.) – to have google searches running on several tabs or devices simultaneously

turbogoogle (v.) – a very fast search

…and that’s just to begin with.

What new Google words would you like to see?

Now, get all  your words Googling:

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  1. The Armchair Guru says

    Googletastic > of google greatness brought on by googles greatness.

    Googleicious> see above


  2. ‘I’m googled off’ – more polite way to say that somebody is p***** off with not finding things on a google search?
    Or ‘I’m all googled out’ – worn out as on page 27 on google search and still cant find what I’m looking for 😉

  3. I’m all googled out – switched to Duck Duck Go ages ago as I didn’t like Google tracking my activity so insidiously. Don’t be evil? Hah they should take their own advice…

  4. Actually, it takes only about two seconds to find a taxidermist in Tokyo. 🙂

    Loved this googleicious post!

  5. goo goo a little like ga ga – very confused by all these new googlated words

  6. As my daughter would say …blah blah google-crap-google (yes, she says that). No capitals needed in that 😉