Grammar goofs: classic syntax attacks by the UK Daily Fail

A quick glance at the UK’s Daily Fail – especially on weekends when they leave the cleaners to write the stories – shows you just how ridiculous you look when you get the noun-verb relationships and other syntax wrong.

HTWB Kenny

“The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also shared another video clip while walking with her boyfriend Tyga, 27, in the gold one-piece bathing suit.” Tyga, your choice of swimwear is beginning to worry me.

Do you ever do this? Of course not…but just in case you might miss the odd goof, the following will ensure that you never make a tw*t of yourself as these Daily Fail writers do…

The latest grammar goofs from one of the UK’s most “popular” newspapers

Bling: Kim posted this image of the £3.5m ring that was stolen on Instagram before the robbery. I thought the ring was stolen during the robbery?

So much pink: Rogue One star Felicity Jones was spotted in several shades of pink with strange fake lace detailing on the red carpet for this year’s Golden Globes. Shame on those carpet suppliers for using strange fake lace detailing.

Michael underwent a tracheotomy and was unconscious for three after the heavy smoker suffered scarring on his lungs. Er, he probably suffered scarring on his lungs before the tracheotomy, otherwise it would not have been necessary. And three what, by the way?

Likes movement: Brandi admitted that she liked her face to move. Don’t we all, dear.

Windows must be raised during landing so passengers can see escape routes. Frankly I would rather just get on with crashing, wouldn’t you?

Putting her foot forward: She added some extra inches to her height with a pair of gold sandals by Jimmy Choo which tied up her leg. Was she able to use her other leg instead?

The reality star paused briefly to adjust her bottoms. If had more than one I would pause more than briefly to adjust them. But I’m precious.

Olivia, who is mother to daughter Chloe Lattanzi, … no sh*t?

Paris Jackson took part in a Channel photoshoot in the French capital on Wednesday. Didn’t realise the Channel had become so wide.

Rumours the human rights lawyer, 38, is expecting a boy and a girl as she attends Davos. Hope there’s a good maternity unit in Davos.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also shared another video clip while walking with her boyfriend Tyga, 27, in the gold one-piece bathing suit. Tyga, your choice of swimwear is beginning to worry me.

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Kylie snapped as she was getting her locks braided. Don’t blame her: braiding can be painful.

Kendall Jenner left very little to the imagination in a sheer gown with a thigh-high gown … wearing two gowns at the same time is the new black.

An indulgence she does allow herself on occasion is Rice Krispie Treats, which her Victoria’s Secret Angel confrère Elsa Hosk ‘was telling me that it’s also like a low-caloric treat, which I was like: “Oh, good.”‘ ZZZZzzzzzz….

The I Am Cait guest star was seen laying on a green lounger, arranging her towel and floating in the pool. Hope the lounger had an on-board flotation device.

Adding height to her petite frame, she slipped on a pair of black heeled boots alongside her black denier tights. Might have done better to put her boots on over her tights, surely?

She wrapped a matching futuristic collar that rested above her bust as she performed. Would love to know what else she was performing at the time.

What other recent grammar goofs have you noticed?

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