Grammar is groovy. Haven’t you heard?

Want to improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax while groovin’ around your office or living room? Here’s how – and I dare you not to start bopping in your seat while you learn these basic writing rules…

improve your grammar on How To Write Better

Get those feet tappin’ while you learn some great grammar and more

Many thanks to my good friend Trudy van Buskirk in Toronto, who alerted me to this amazing video which I found in an article by Jason Fell on

English language driving you nuts? Some more solutions, with a smile
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Now pay attention, because I will be asking questions afterwards, y’all … yee hah!

…which parts did you find the most interesting / entertaining? Please share?

(Be gravy, booby…)

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  1. The whole video is fun, I really enjoyed 🙂 I like note from the second minute: “You should never write words as numbers unless you are seven” Personally I hate that, for example: 2u, 4ya etc…

    • It’s so clever, isn’t it, Tomas?

      I think “writing words as numbers” came from the days when cellphones obliged you to text using a telephone keypad which was infuriatingly slow … so any means of shortening words was a help. But when people do it now, when qwerty keyboards are everywhere, I agree – it is irritating.


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