Going to college/uni soon? Here’s how to survive it

Whether you’re a new university student or an old-timer, this series of articles by recent graduate and hugely talented young writer Jackson Rawlings will have you laughing all the way through … and yet learning the best ways to cope with university life, study, write essays, assignments and sheer survival. Enjoy.

Going to college/uni soon? Here's how to survive it

Some great advice if you’re off to college/uni soon … from a guy who just graduated a while ago.

Here’s a checklist of all the brilliant articles Jackson wrote for HTWB about how to survive college (USA) or uni (UK) and emerge with the best possible outcomes. Just click on the green titles to go to the articles you want to read.

11+ articles to help you if you’re going to college/uni soom

1.Writing at university: an introduction

2.5 things to avoid this summer when getting ready for writing at college/uni

3.Managing your time? Boring but beautiful

4.When time catches you with your pants down

5.How to be resourceful with resourcesHTWB Students Aug-166.How to get your head around academic writing

7.Why it’s critical to be critical

8.Bouncing back from a bad grade

9.Why plagiarism sucks

10.Writing for students: planning the perfect essay

11.The “students” category here on HTWB … more info for students of whatever age!

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