Hope you’re having a happy day, USA

A short poem to commemorate Independence Day in the USA, in this, probably the most tumultuous year the US has experienced in political terms, for some time.

Poem about Independence ~Day 2017

Thank you, USA, our friend … Please guard your freedom preciously

Happy Day, USA

July the fourth comes once a year
You celebrate your freedom won
Your rise to power with no fear
Your mightiness to kingdom come.

A nation in its greatness now
The power there, to rule the world
A friend to freedom, that is how
Your worldwide status was unfurled.

Freedom’s precious, as we know
You’ve fought alongside friends abroad
To rid the world of b*stards so
…intent on ruling with the sword.

Please be aware of the gift you bring
To our free world, the power to use
A place where nearly everything
Is tolerant, just, safe from abuse.

Your forefathers did hard defend
The right of all to live so free.
We look to you, our noble friend
To keep that very preciously.

God bless America, that’s for sure
God bless its beating, loving heart
God forbid we don’t endure
The tragedy of a different start.

Remember how your Uncle Sam
Taught kindness, pride and learning how
We hope those values form your plan
To keep your home fires burning now.

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