Wedding speech season: some last minute help for your speech!

We’re right in the middle of the wedding season in the northern hemisphere and if you’re like many people, even though you know you are due to make a speech you haven’t got around to writing it yet! Never mind – there’s plenty of help here on HTWB.

Wedding speech season: some last minute help for your speech!

Has that wedding speech you’re doing crept up on you? Is it next weekend, or even tomorrow? No worries – here’s some help to get it done right now…

And not just for the traditional roles, either…

*The bride
*The groom
*The father or mother of the bride
*Friend of the bride or groom
*The chief bridesmaid
*The best man
*The daughter or son of bride or groom
*The brother or sister of bride or groom
*The grandparent of the bride or groom
… or anyone else who is in line to “say a few words…”


Weddings: it's official. Women's speeches are IN!

Need some advice specifically aimed at women who want to give a wedding speech? Whether you’re the bride or any other lady relative or friend? You’d find my book, “Wedding Speeches For Women,” incredibly handy – as quite a few women wedding speakers have found already. Check out the reviews on Amazon UK… and it’s on all the other Amazons, too.


There’s help for everyone!

Choose from these wedding speech articles and tutorials here on HTWB…

If you’re a woman making a wedding speech

You might like to check out my book which goes into the whys, wherefores and how-to’s of making a speech as the bride or other key lady figure. Check it out here (USA) and here (UK), but if you want a digital version right away, drop me a note on

Any questions?

Share them here and I’ll answer them, so you’re well prepared for the season to come.

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