Here come the Holidays, so who needs business writing? Ah, but…

As you’re reading this – especially if you’re in the UK – the last thing on your mind will be what you need to write for business in the coming two weeks.

HTWB Xmas biz writingYour to-do list will be heaving with everything from gift shopping to picking up the turkey to getting your tax return in order (well, you should, according to my accountant) to cleaning up after the office party to wondering how to stop your cat from shattering the Christmas tree all over your living room carpet.

Look on the bright side – you’ll soon be free to think about business writing 2016 (LOL!)

From Sunday on or so, you probably will have some de-pressurised time to relax and of course, being the entrepreneurial business person you are, occasionally your mind will drift away from the festivities and on towards your business plans for the future.

Much as I would hate to be a Scrooge character with the “bah, humbug” attitude, just in case you would like to escape from the food, drink, party games and other hilarity for a moment or two, here are some notions you might like to start considering for your business writing in the New Year…

Your business writing plans: think about…

Your newsletter. If you don’t have one already, think about developing one. Newsletters, if targeted properly with extra information only for subscribers, can make your current customers and prospects feel privileged and so remain loyal to you. Newsletters now usually are via email, but printed ones – largely because they have become a rarity in our digital communication age – do get people’s attention. They are more expensive because they involve print and postage costs, but weigh those up against the novelty value.

Your email marketing. I know, I know … our mailboxes are heaving with spam but nonetheless correctly targeted – and correctly written – email marketing still works. If you haven’t tried it before think about it for 2016; check out and interview the email marketing experts in your area. It can be a very cost-effective form of marketing for many businesses.

Your blogging. As you know this is one of my favorite drums to bang, but mainly the drum that says “free information that shows we know what we’re talking about,” rather than the type of blog post that shares a little bit of information and spends the final paragraphs on a hard-boiled call-to-action that doesn’t fool anyone. The former results in neither an obvious ROI nor direct sales. But it sure as hell delivers on supporting and enhancing your credibility in your market place, on which you can then build marketing messages that work a treat. Not sure what to write about? Click here. Or here.

Your website. How long is it since your gave your website a good verbal shampoo and haircut? Really? The Holiday Season’s quieter moments give you the chance to take a long, lazy look at what your site is doing. If you haven’t revisited it recently, you might get a shock. Don’t worry: just jot down where it’s screamingly out of date and make a note to contact your web designer/developer and your business writer/copywriter (you do  have one of those, don’t you??) very soon after New Year’s Day. Whatever you do, don’t trust your web designer/developer to produce words for you, because usually that is not their area of expertise. And I’m taking a huge risk by saying this as many web designer/developers local to me know where I live…

Your printed material. This is an area that can get neglected unless your business is very dependent on, say, leaflets and local advertising for its main promotion. Be sure to revisit your printed material right from press advertising through leaflets and brochures to business cards, and make sure the words they express reflect accurately what your business is all about and what benefits it affords new customers.

Your videos. Now that video has become hugely popular as a communication medium think about using it if you haven’t before, because it has become a) affordable and b) accessible, even for the smaller end of the SME spectrum. However, don’t fall into the trap of doing a “me too” video that’s amateurish and makes you look stupid. Check out this category here on HTWB for information to help you there and stand by for more in January.

OK – enough about business writing

…and here’s every good wish for a wonderful Holiday Season to you all. Check back next week for more fun and games here on HTWB!

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