Here’s to our Easter Feaster…

Have you started on the Easter eggs yet? Better read this first… (and a very Happy Easter to you from HTWB!)

Here's to our Easter Feaster...

To paint an eggshell
Is an art few do well


Here comes our Easter
Well, what a feaster!
Stuffing our faces for four solid days
Eating unfettered
Gluttony bettered
(But nothing compared with those bad Christmas ways.)

Hard-boiling eggs
Scraping the dregs
Of our kids’ little painting kits awfully dried-up
Or if we’re smart
We’ll have mastered an art
By keeping the shells of eggs earlier fried-up.

The real experts know
With an egg, how to blow
Through a pinhole you carefully make in each end of
The egg’s scrawny shell
That’s as fragile as hell
Then spit out all the hideous gunk we offend of.

To paint an eggshell
Is an art few do well
The results can be random, and possibly vary
From perfection superb
To a mess to disturb
And create cases, at times, of slight dysentery.

Next comes the hunt
Makes people grunt
About where to hide 20 eggs in one room
19 are found
High fives all around
Until Grandpa trips over on 20, boom, boom.

How ‘bout the rush
To buy choccie eggs lush
Filled with calories, sugar and other junk
Give them as gifts
Creating rifts
With people who’re trying to get their weight shrunk

But do we give
Easter eggs so short lived
Away to thin people and those others in need?
Ha! Don’t be silly
You innocent filly
We eat them ourselves with most ludicrous greed.

Well, never mind
Let’s judge Easter in kind
And not say we should or should not eat whatever
Instead let’s enjoy
Some SpringTime joy
And see Easter Feaster as a choc-egg forever…!

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