How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

Dogs,humor,funny jokes,lightbulbsI just wish my dogs were clever enough to change lightbulbs in the first place. Meanwhile, enjoy the funny jokes!

Clumber Spaniel:
“The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, everything’s peaceful and rosy, and you’re indoors fretting over some stupid light bulb?”

Border Collie:
“Just me, of course. And have you had the wiring checked recently? OK, I’ll do that. And what about the switches? And the wall sockets? No time to lose, must get on, now where’s that screwdriver?”

“I would, if I could reach it. As I can’t, I’ll just go hunting for rabbits instead.”

“Yooo-hooh, Border Collie, mon petit choux, will you do it for poor little moi? I’d luuurrrv to ‘elp you but my nails are not dry yet and I ‘aven’t done my ‘air.”

“I’d do it if I could see beyond my curly mop of facial hair.”

“I’d do it if I could see beyond my curly mop of facial hair and  reach it without standing on a table.”

“A light bulb that doesn’t work? Show me where it is! I’ll sit on it and crush it!”

Shih Tzu:
“Oh come off it, darling. What are servants for?”

“Oh, let me, let me! I don’t know how to do it but I’ll muddle through somehow! Can I, pleeeeze?”

Springer Spaniel:
“No problem. And don’t worry about a step ladder, I can jump up to do it.”

Irish Wolfhound:
“Don’t fuss, just give me the new bulb. I can reach it without even standing on my hind legs.”

Basset Hound:
“Don’t bother. If it’s dark I can get into the rubbish bins and no-one will see me.”

“Another light bulb gone! I’m going to lose my temper.  Grrrrrr….”

West Highland Terrier:
“I’ll get that organised. Where’s that German Shepherd? Right, now you do it, or else.”

German Shepherd:
“I would do it, if I could.  But that Westie keeps nipping my ankles.”

Mexican Hairless:
“Caramba, eez cold in here, amigo. Get dat light fixed so I can find da switch for da heater.”

St Bernard:
“So what? St Bernards aren’t afraid of the dark.”

“You’ve got to be joking. But if I yap loudly enough, someone else will do it to shut me up.”

German Short-haired Pointer:
“I’ve no idea how to do it, but I’ll point it out to you.”

dogs,funny jokes,humor,lightbulbsJack Russell Terrier:
“Ssshhh, can’t you see I’m busy watching for the rat in there? Leave me alone and for Heaven’s sake do NOT replace that stupid light bulb.”

“It’s not running away from me, so as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t exist.”

Cocker Spaniel:
“Light bulb? What light bulb? Show it to me and I’ll bite its head off.”

“Oh, never mind that stupid light bulb. Let’s go for a 10 mile run.”

Yorkshire Terrier:
“I don’t care who does it, just get on with it quickly! I need to choose which color ribbon I’m going to wear in my hair.”

“Who gives a damn? Life’s much more fun in the dark…”

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