How to be the most referable expert in your business: next week in Milton Keynes

Did you know that about 75 percent of new business in most marketplaces comes from referrals?

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this referability chance?That’s a staggering amount. And yet just how much attention do people pay to ensuring they genuinely are the most referable expert in their field, whether that’s local, regional, national or international?

If you’re in business, getting referred on someone’s honest recommendation is probably the best (and cheapest) marketing tool you can use to increase your sales and profitability. Of course, you know that you’re extremely good at what you do. But how can others know how good you are – and refer you on to their contacts – unless you demonstrate your expertise and professionalism with everything you do and say?

Business networking alone isn’t always enough

Business networking only works if you know how to demonstrate that expertise and professionalism. This forms the basis of relationships you build with your contacts – but so easily can be destroyed by innocent mistakes purely because you don’t understand how to give your contacts the confidence they need, to refer you to their own contacts. Yet that’s exactly how you can grow your business exponentially.

[ctt title=”If you’re in business near Milton Keynes, England, here’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss” tweet=”If you’re in business near Milton Keynes, England, here’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss” coverup=”g9zxf”]

Milton Keynes is easy to get to from most parts central and southern England.

And especially if you regard face-to-face business networking as an important part of your marketing, this will give you all the tools you need to take your business to a whole new level.

The #Referability Boot Camp

Here you’ll learn everything you need to do and say to show your contacts just how referable you are … and give them everything they need to know to recommend you.

You’ll acquire the extra skills and techniques you need to upgrade your business networking from showing your contacts why they should buy from you, to showing them you you’re not only good enough for that – you’re professional and valuable enough for them to recommend you to their  contacts, too.

This is an intensive workshop that brings together three experts whose combined skills cover every aspect of empowering your #referability. It includes your performance face-to-face, in writing, and on camera, making sure your messages are consistent throughout.

The #Referability Boot Camp business networking trainers:

Business networking: can you afford to miss this referability chance?

Jacky Sherman

How to share memorable information when you network, with Jacky Sherman. This is the key to making others spot opportunities for you and feel able to recommend you with confidence.  A great story teller, Jacky brings the combined wisdom of the Referral Institute along with her own experience on how to perform business networking like a true professional. A powerful session with plenty of role play.

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this referability chance?

Suzan St Maur

How to make the most of your business networking in writing, with Suzan St Maur. How to make sure you convey your values professionally across everything you write for business … your website, emails, blogs, social media posts and comments, brochures, letters and more.  Suzan is an award-winning business writer and content creator, and best-selling author of 31 business and other nonfiction books.

Business networking Milton Keynes: can you afford to miss this referability chance?

Graham Miller

How to make the most of video to support your business networking, with Graham Miller. Video is a powerful way of presenting your personality and expertise on line. Don’t let the side down with an amateur performance. Graham spent many years telling us the news and sport on ITV and Sky TV. So learn from a professional how to present yourself to your best advantage. Video is the fastest growing online medium.  Make sure you get it right.

Warning: this is no light-hearted coffee morning

It’s three hours of hard work – that’s why we call it a Boot Camp. At the end of it, you’ll be a little tired, but you’ll know how to get your contacts to refer you to exactly the clients and customers you want to be working with. (And we’ll give you some lunch to help you recover.)

The #Referability Boot Camp is your opportunity to make yourself the most referable expert in your business. Take that opportunity now.

Jacky Sherman from the Referral InstituteDetails:

Abbey Hill Golf Centre

Monks Way, Two Mile Ash

Milton Keynes MK8 8AA

Click here for map and directions

Thursday July 23rd, 2015

09:00 for 09:30 to 12:30, plus lunch

Price £97.00 plus VAT

Includes coffee, tea, soft drinks and buffet lunch

Book now: numbers are limited



See you there!




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