How to improve your business writing in English – and get a better-paid job

Nearly every attractive, high-paying job description these days demands “good written communication skills” … “excellent use of of written English” … “first-class writing skills essential” … etc.

Is your written English good enough for that? Or could you use some help to improve it so your writing skills will really impress your  potential employer and secure that better-paid job you’ve always wanted?

Here’s the low-cost help you need …

Business Writing Made Easy 200-page book – available in print, Kindle, or as a PDF – is ideal if you need help to craft first-class written material for all types of business in English. It shows you the techniques people use to plan and write all forms of business communication – both on the internet, and also in print, plus scripts for audio and video. In each section I get you thinking and writing correctly, so that your message comes across as strong and powerful. In the book I cover every type of business document and internet communication you’re likely to need, so it’s a very valuable manual for you to keep handy. Available on all Amazons as a print book or on Kindle, or order now as an eBook for just USD $10.95, and I’ll email you your copy as soon as PayPal tell me your payment is in.(If there’s any delay, contact me on


The 30 Day Basic Business Writing Challenge

This eBook will help you to work up to a high standard of business writing in English, in just one month or less. It covers a wide variety of topics including grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, abbreviations, and much more, all described in a business context. It is also available as a step-by-step eCourse, over 30 days. Each section has a short, entertaining exercise for you to do to help you remember what you have learned.  Click here to receive it and get started.


Banana Skin Words and how not to slip on them

This entertaining eBook contains more than 1,500 common mistakes in English and how to make sure you don’t make those mistakes! This includes hundreds of correct spellings of commonly mis-spelled words. It is a helpful reference book for anyone who writes in English, whether for business or social communication. Order it now for just USD £2.50 and I’ll email you your copy as soon as PayPal tell me your payment is in.(If there’s any delay, contact me on


English to English: the A to Z of British-American translations book, available in print and on Kindle, contains over 2,000 English business terms, slang and other locally-used words from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand – and tells you what their equivalents are in other regional English. Very helpful for business people travelling to different English language markets. Available from all Amazons.

So what are you waiting for? Start improving your written English for business now – with my help – and start planning how you’ll spend your increased earnings in that great new job!

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