How to look your best on live streaming video

Yet again please welcome the multi-talented Steve Crawford who, in addition to being an ace performance poet and expert in sign-making and allied skills, until recently ran a very successful video production company. In the light of our increasing focus on both pre-recorded and also live streaming video, Steve has kindly shared with us the tips he put across to his video clients to ensure they looked their best on camera … whether there was time to prepare or not (much.)

How to look your best on live streaming video

If your hair is dark, stick to the medium range to dark colours, still taking care ideally to avoid black. ©ITU/ I.Wood

So you’re scheduled to appear on camera and really want you to look your best. This is especially important if you’re representing your business or an organization. You can improve the results, by following the simple guidelines I’ve listed below.

What to wear to look your best on video

Before you select your ‘favourite’ outfit or suit, please bear in mind that the camera ‘sees’ colours, patterns, and contrasts very differently from the human eye. So, it’s important to dress for the way the camera sees you rather than what you might normally prefer.

The most important rule to follow in selecting your ‘on-camera’ outfit, is to keep it reasonably simple, plain, and low-key. You want the audience to focus on you: your face and what you have to say, not have them distracted by what you’re wearing.

Do not…

…wear plain white or black.

…wear ‘loud’ patterns like plaids, stripes, gingham, or small checks.

…wear ‘glittery’ materials like sequins, or anything that is very shiny and reflects light.

…wear shiny jewellery that may catch and reflect light or that will make a noise as you move (e.g. charm bracelets, multiple ‘hard’ bangles etc.)

…wear anything loud or distracting; for instance, a bright red/yellow/pink/green jacket, sweater with a large turkey embroidered on it, or a Mickey Mouse tie…unless this is part of a uniform or is relevant to an event, of course!

…use very bright or very pale lipstick.

To look your best on video, try to…

…wear colours in the medium range: medium blue, green, maroon, wine, dark grey, purple, etc. These all usually look good on camera.

…consider your hair colour when choosing your outfit.

If your hair is very light (blonde or grey) then the lighter colours are okay. Beige, pale grey, soft pink, light blue, and most pastels are fine.

If your hair is dark, stick to the medium range to dark colours, still taking care ideally to avoid black.

If you’re wearing a shirt please follow the same rules for choosing a tie; a non-shiny plain tie which compliments your suit/shirt is best.

If you have any questions, please check with the video production crew prior to the production day if you can. They will be able to help you to select your wardrobe.

A good director/producer should be able to advise.

Coming soon  …

Advice from one of the UK’s top make-up artists on how everyone (yes, men too) can use make-up to look their very best … even if you only have a few minutes to spare. Watch this space.

What tips on how to look your best on video can you share from your experience?

Would love to know your views…