How to tell a joke…

small_3052743562Some people just have the right knack to tell jokes, don’t they? It takes quite a lot of acting skill sometimes, too.

Here is an example of how to take a moderately funny (and very old) joke, get millions of American TV viewers rolling in the aisles, and Johnny Carson utterly “corpsed” with the tears of laughter running down his cheeks …

With grateful memories of the late, genius comedian Buddy Hackett, and the late, great Johnny Carson

CLICK HERE to view … I did embed the video itself here but “the user has removed it…” considering both parties in the video are sadly no long with us, I wonder who… anyway! View it on YouTube and enjoy.

Brilliant, isn’t it? So now you know how to tell a joke well. I’m up for the shouting and ad libbing; just not sure if I would throw myself on the floor. What do you think?

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photo credit: Harvey Dogson via photopin cc