How to write a blog post using the alphabet. Go on, try it!

HTWB generics 1Many thanks to my good friend Taylor Lavati, a talented young student and fiction author who blogs hereand here … and whose clever idea of writing a story based on the alphabet gave me this notion for us to try.

Simple: write a blog post in 26 sentences, each time using the appropriate first letter – in correct order

I will now embarrass myself by attempting it before I hand over to you folks who I absolutely insist must  do likewise… see below  😉

Are you concerned about getting better results from your online content?

Blogging could well be the answer.

Chances are you blog already, and think you’re doing a good enough job to help promote your business.

Don’t you believe it: there is a lot more you can do to blog better, more effectively, and more profitably.

Even though you think you have explored as many topic ideas as possible, more is always possible.

HTWB KISS 4For example, have you checked out over 60 articles on here to give you further inspiration and fresh ideas on what you could write about for your business blog?

Good, if you have – but if you haven’t please do so, as you’ll be surprised at just what more there is you can consider as blog topics.

Hopefully this will give you the help you need right now, but don’t forget we could do some 1-on-1 blog writing coaching if you need more direct help.

I would be happy to help you on that basis; sadly I need to charge you some money for doing it … like you I have bills to pay … but people who hire me for intensive 1-on-1 coaching find it worth every penny.

Joking aside, you’ll probably find a lot of what you need here on this site, anyway, for diddly squat.

Keep persevering with your blogging: there’s a lot to be said for “the more you write, the more easily you write.”

Look at many of the mainstream bloggers who post not only every day on their own sites, but guest post all over the place too – because they write so much and so often they become fluent.

Many of them use ghost bloggers, of course, because to be productive to that extreme can surpass most human endeavor … even amongst us extremely prolific writers!

Notwithstanding these bloggers’ sheer capacity for good output, what that teaches us is that practice makes if not perfect, at least excellence … which in many ways is better and more realistic than perfect.

Of course we can’t always be prolific bloggers, and we don’t have to be.

Provided that you post on your blog often enough to keep your audience up to speed with what’s going on in their/your business lives and keep their focus on you, that’s all you need.

Quite what you – and they – need is debatable, and it varies hugely.

HTWB MAMBARealistically, though, apart from a small number of cases you certainly do not need to post every day.

Sure, of course, once a month is too little for almost all businesses and even nonprofits, charities, etc.

To get the frequency right you need to assess your audience and your relationship with them, and adjust your posting frequency accordingly.

Unless your business or activity is particularly fast-moving, you can probably think in terms of two or three times a week as a starting point and see what reaction/feedback you get from that.

Very often, you’ll see a pattern emerging quite quickly, which will guide you on whether to increase or reduce your frequency of posting.

While in theory more is better, you don’t want to flood your readers with posts so that they begin to take them for granted.

X-rated posts are a no-no, unless you’re in an x-rated type of business … beware offending your readers!

You’ll find it very easy to gauge the degree of “naughtiness” and rude words you can use by studying your audience carefully, and learning how they speak and write amongst themselves.

Zero results mean that you have got it wrong with your blog: don’t despair, but just go back and do your homework again.

Now, it’s your turn …

I dare you to write a post on your blog using Taylor’s A thru Z structure … then come back and share it here with us. But  it has to make sense, OK? No cheating …. 😉

blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,,How To Write Better,Suzan St MaurIf you do it I promise I will share yours across the SocMed and I would ask everyone else to do the same, please.


Best effort gets a free eCopy of “Business Writing Made Easy” … so try it. It’s not hard, except for X and Z….

While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by my Bookshop…books and eBooks to help you write better – and to give to friends and family (don’t forget the Holiday Season is coming soon)…




  1. What a fab idea…will I get stuck I wonder

  2. What a great idea! I’ll be back!!!

    • Are you doing yours in English or German, Angelika? Would doing it in German be harder or easier than in English?

      • In English first. I have been wondering what to do during Advent this year, as the last two years I wrote a sort of Advent calendar. I might write a post in German and turn it into a challenge for German learners. Whether it’s harder or easier depends on the topic, but X and Y will be a HUGE challenge as there are only a handful of German words beginning with those letters.

  3. Thanks so much for writing this Suzan! You’re the best. I love this technique. I saw it on a website for poems and figured I could turn it into a story. If anyone wants to see my post, it’s here. I made a short story so it’s kind of long. I’m excited to see what everyone posts!

  4. I tried to post the link here, but it wouldn’t let me. Where should I post it? I completed the challenge.

    • Brilliant Carol! Thanks for your valiant effort. Am not sure why you couldn’t post the link, but here is your wonderful effort in full …

      As I have said before, I am a sucker for a challenge and this is one I couldn’t resist.
      Before I go any further, let me link you to the site that started it all, A-Z.
      Challenging, though this maybe, to write a post with each successive sentence beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, I like to think of myself, as up to it.
      Dabbling with phrases and toying with sentences is more of a hobby at the moment, but, I would love to make it a lifetime commitment!
      Engaging readers, however, hasn’t been easy.
      For the most part, I write what I please and I know that I should write what pleases them.
      Given that I have trouble enough finding topics that excite me, I know that I would have even more difficulty finding topics that would excite both of us.
      However, I assimilate well and I am sure that, if I read and write enough, I will reach a common ground.
      Interestingly, I don’t need a large readership; I need a kindred readership.
      Just how many people are there in the world that share my eclectic views of it?
      Karma and kinship are the domain of emotional writers, I believe.
      Lessons in logic or comments on the illogical in this world are more cerebral.
      Much can be said of Hemingway’s classic quotation on writing; “All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.”
      No, I have managed to hide a lot of emotion, or I have trained it out of my life and writing, because it is too painful.
      Often it was difficult to deal with the highs and the lows of daily existence.
      Perhaps I just needed something more predictable, more acceptable.
      Quiet, calm, rational thoughts are not that exciting, though and as a result do not make for exciting writing.
      Really, I think that I have to rev up my posts a bit.
      So, I will take a lesson from all those writing blogs and look for some juicy morsels to spice up my posts.
      There must be a skeleton or two hidden in the closet to expose.
      Unearthing a distant relative that passed on a rebellious seed could be compelling.
      Vindicating a wrong that resonates with others might also win some kindred souls.
      Why, I think I’ve got it!
      Xenophobic, though I am; I think that I can move into new territories.
      Zenith, here I come!!

      And to see the post in situ, here’s the link …

      Now – who can trump that for a great post? Get creating!

  5. This is clever, Suzan. It must have been fun writing this one. Curiously, I would have figured bigger challenges with letters beyond X and Z, but seeing you do this reminds me we do have a lot of works with uncommon letter starts. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Nanette – now, when can we look forward to seeing your alphabetically-led blog post? 😉

      And yes, writing this was a lot of fun. Taylor, whose idea I stole, had fun writing a kind of flash fiction version using the technique and she says she got the idea from a poet who used it. (See her original post here –

      Apart from the “fun” element it’s actually quite a good disciplinary structure – makes you focus on your content in an oblique way which gives it a bit of freshness.

      Would you agree with that, or am I being a little too romantic here?

  6. Thank you Suzan for posting my offering in the challenge. The reason I couldn’t post it in the comments was because I was posting a link rather than the entire post. The error message said that I had too many urls in my comment. Thanks again Carol

  7. Love it! I’m going to try writing a funny blog post this way. I’ll be back!

  8. Great Idea Suzan! I’ll give it a try!!

  9. It won’t let me post my url either but it’s below:

  10. This is BRILLIANT, I love the creativity and the idea. I will definitely try this one out as soon as my 10 Days of Angel Card readings are complete, just a few days away! How fun! Looking forward to more of your creative, inspiring, and fun posts!

  11. And another great entry – have a read of this brilliant A-to-Zer …

  12. Anyone can start stuff, that’s a given. But it has to be worth it. Commitment to a new project often means sacrifice, in time, in hard work, in loss of other opportunities. Doing one thing inevitably means not doing something else. Every project has its price.

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  13. That’s my response to the alphabet challenge above. Hope it makes sense. The letter ‘X’ was a real horror to include.

  14. WATCH THIS SPACE … well, not this one, but this blogsite … more developments in this amazing contest to be announced Monday Oct 28th!


  15. My \”A to Z of VAT?\” will, unless it gets blown over by the storm, be posted around 9am on 28 October. I’d add the link except the comment system refuses saying I have too many URL’s in my post. 🙁 You’ll just have to watch out for my Twitter posting.

  16. That certainly was a challenge! Won’t let me post link in the comment, but it shows up in Comment Luv or whatever that cool thing is that many of you have : )


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