How to write a winning non-fiction book: your personal writing coach is right here

Getting published is now easier than ever but the fundamental things that distinguish winning non-fiction from the pulp have never been more important. If you’re serious about writing a high-quality non-fiction book, getting it published and making it commercially successful then this book treats you to a masterclass that covers all you need to know about creating, crafting, writing and pitching your best-seller.

Writing,book,non-fiction,publishing,how to write a book,how to get publishedWhen you read this book you will learn…

**What every non-fiction book needs to be successful

**How to get a good idea and turn it into a winning idea

**Why so many books get started but not finished

**How to plan your book so writing it is fast, painless and easy

**Alternative publishing options and which would be right for you

**How to pitch your book to mainstream publishers

**What happens from proposal to acceptance, to contract, and beyond

**How to devise a winning title for your book

**The mechanics for writing a book and meeting your obligations

**When to get in outside help and how to find it

Using real-life pitches, proposals, reviewer feedback, extensive links and even an entire sample publishing contract, the book delivers in straight, honest terms what you need to do to succeed.

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This book is essential reading for…

**Aspiring non-fiction authors
**Self-publishing authors and writers
**Business and other experts for whom a book is an essential PR tool
**Bloggers with a book idea that’s more than just a short eBook
**New authors starting out on the traditional publishing pathway
**In fact, anyone looking to get their non-fiction book published

Have a look at quotes from some its Amazon reviews:

“Suzan takes us through every aspect of writing in a way that enables us to overcome all the hurdles and avoid the pitfalls. She motivates us as we go and even breaks down the most daunting aspects (such as getting the book published) into manageable and achievable steps. Moreover, the book is a damn good read. Suzan engages the reader’s attention from page one and using a range of entertaining and humorous anecdotes she illustrates every point in a way that makes it both memorable and amusing. Strongly recommended.”

“The main strength of this book, in my opinion, is that it is up to date with a modern perspective. The author is very savvy about how technology is changing the publishing business and she has some good advice to offer on how to take that in to account. Most other books on this subject don’t even mention the changes in technology or the resultant changes in the publishing industry. I thought the author’s ideas about the future of book writing were fascinating.”

How to write a winning non-fiction book: your personal writing coach is right here“For those who are new to writing non-fiction this book provides a wonderful foundation. I did not read the book straight through. Instead, as I worked through developing, writing and publishing I read that section. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is trying to figure out the changing landscape of non-fiction.”

“Like any “How To Write” book this is not going to explode in a shower of fairy dust and write your book for you. So you will need to prepare yourself to do more then just read. But if you are in a mind to seize your destiny and start writing your book, then this could be a good catalyst to drag it kicking and screaming out of you. After all, if not today, then when? If you want to write a non-fiction book and haven’t a clue where to begin, then Suzan’s book is a great place to start your journey.”

“From the start it seemed that my own idea for a book was ticking a lot of boxes in the chapter: How To Get A Good Idea, so I was immediately encouraged to continue with my plan. But what’s the plan if you’ve never written a book before? That’s exactly what Suzan will give you in this book and, if you follow all her advice, you’ll soon find yourself with a workable structure. After that it’s up to you. But guess what? When you have that skeleton of a book all laid out it actually becomes easy to flesh out the bones.”

“I am currently in the process of writing my first full book due to be published next year after having written many reports and several ebooks over the years. This book should be renamed the Non-Fiction Writers Bible as it has everything you could ever need to know from tips to contacts and much more.”

“I have really enjoyed reading this book. It is very well written, straightforward and practical. It is also the first book that has actually motivated me to get started! Suzan has already been a successful writer and has had around 1 book a year published in the last 20 years, so she is someone I would listen to! Always follow a successful person in their own field, not someone who tells you “do what I say, not what I do”!

“This author knows her stuff, and she’s never pompous or patronising about it. She is very funny and honest, cuts to the core of her subject, gives you all the information you need and provides you with a sane and sensible structure to work with. She is a master of her art, a superb writer and a wise and generous ‘pal in print’.”

How to write a winning non-fiction book: your personal writing coach is right here“I really enjoyed this book. It’s packed with information and put across in a humorous and conversational style which makes for easy reading. For someone like me, only just starting out with my writing, this book has saved me from making basic mistakes and answered a lot of questions I had about the process of getting into print. As well as all the valuable practical information, Suzan gives the reader the benefit of her personal experiences in the writing and publishing world, both good and bad.”

“An excellent and informative book and I wish this book was around when I wrote mine……it would have saved me many wasted hours trying to find the right publisher. Not only does Suze explain things very easily and in detail, she also uses her unique sense of humour to get her point across. A must read for anyone who is looking to get a non-fiction book published….you’d be silly not to read this book first!”

“This excellent book will be invaluable for authors of non-fiction and is certain to become a ‘must-have’ for both new and published authors. As an established and respected author of both fiction and non-fiction, and with her wealth of experience in many different professional and social environments, Suzan writes with in-depth, first-hand knowledge about the planning, writing and publishing processes. However, the book is not just a well-researched, fascinating and clearly-presented reference guide; it is a fascinating and amusing read, bound to captivate anyone with an interest in writing.”

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And for a laugh, some clips from the 2 x bad reviews the book got…

“The final nail in the coffin comes when the author (who is Canadian) discusses the use of British and American English in non-fiction. Her opinion is that ‘check’ (American English) is better than ‘cheque’ (British English), because the spelling is more closely associated with how it sounds. Talk about a dumbing down of standards. I’ll keep with British English and all its pecularities thank you very much!” (I stand corrected; American English is far too modern for you stalwart Brits. And I’m so sorry I’m Canadian. We don’t normally get accused of dumbing down standards, so I will work hard to ensure I don’t make that mistake again…)

“An OK guide but a bit dissappointing … The chapters on seeking and working with a publisher were light in my opinion and even contains a “mini-advert” for one particular online service. £15 is too high a price for this book which is thin and light on detail in my opinion.” (Sorry, pal, but the price is lower now and the book might even help you improve your spelling.)

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