How to write a book – and dry your laundry

How to write a book: it's as easy as hanging out your laundryWant to write a nonfiction print or eBook, but need some inspiration? Look no further; you may find just the inspiration you need right under your nose, or at least right there in your very own computer. And all you need from there on, is to know how to peg out your laundry on a line…

My print/Kindle book, “How To Write Winning Non-fiction” was published in 2010 and has been selling very well in several of the English language markets. Feedback has been universally good and people actually email me to thank for the practical help the book has provided, which as you can imagine is very gratifying for me.

Yet that 40,000+ word book started out in life as a mere 500 word article. Someone who runs a business-related site got in touch and asked how many nonfiction books I had written and had published and when I said “over 30” he asked if I’d do a short piece on how to go about the process. I did. The response was huge. More, more, they yelled.

My inbox was flooded with emails from people asking if I could send them more information. Not surprisingly, the next question from the site owner was “OK, now can you write a special report for us giving more detail and some examples?” Off I went, using the original article as a skeleton structure – like a laundry line.

So what has clothes washing got to do with writing?

You need to look upon your original article, blog post or whatever as a laundry line. In your mind, at least, string out the original piece horizontally, and then peg more detail on to it in appropriate places. That gives you a more fleshed-out structure to take you on to the next step. And the next step is, quite simply, to continue doing this process, stringing out sections (which will become chapters and sub-sections of your ultimate book) like washing lines and pegging more and more detail on as you go. Anyway, using this technique on how to go about writing a nonfiction book and get it published, I produced a special report which was put up on the business website.

Once again, feedback was good. Again, more was wanted.

So using the special report as my laundry line, my laundry air-dried nicely into an eBook called “Get Yourself Published.”

And guess what? With feedback from the eBook being very good, too, but people still asking for more details and more examples, the eBook got strung out into a very long laundry line indeed – and dried beautifully into “How To Write Winning Non-fiction…”

Now, let’s get that book of yours  written – beautifully:

“How To Write About Yourself”…how to make the most of yourself, whatever you need to write

“Banana Skin Words and how not to slip on them”…over 1,500 spelling and grammar tips to perfect your written English

“How To Write Winning Non-fiction”…all you need to know to write a good non-fiction book and get it published




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