How to write a private message on Google Plus. No, really.

HTWB Google PlusI thought it was just me being thick as usual, but I’ve just discovered that lots of other people don’t know how to send a personal/private message on G+.

It’s not difficult, of course, but I think people like me are so used to being spoon-fed instructions on other Social Media platforms that when we go on to G+ we search around for the “DM” or “PM” button we can’t find anything instant.

Here, then, is how I figure you send private message on Google Plus

**Go to your Google Plus page

**Go to the “Share What’s New” box

**Write your private message in the top box

**Go to “attach” and attach a photo, video, link etc. if you want to

**Go to “send” and delete anything that’s already in there (e.g. “public” in a green oval) – then type in the recipient’s name or select it from the drop down menu

**Click on the “share” green rectangle to the bottom left of the message box

**Voilà – done

Now here are a few silly questions the answers to which I, and my fellow numbskulls, would really value

Given that most of the social media platforms are quite good at leading users by the nose through all their basic processes, why doesn’t G+ make it clear that this is how to send a private message?

As G+ is a brilliant platform (I love it to bits) and is clear to understand in most other ways, why did this issue fall down through the grating?

Is there another magical way to send private message on G+ that I’m just too stupid to have noticed?

Should I, therefore, take my late mother’s advice to forget writing online and get a nice, sensible office job?

Yours in a bit of a PM/DM


PS: Google, you may want to take note of this … there are probably thousands of us pondering the same issue, so please can you put us out of our misery somehow?

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  1. Johnnie Jazz says

    Suzan thank you for writing about this! Oddily enough, I am not ashamed to admit that only a few days ago, I learnt how to send someone a private message, without embarrassing myself! I love the humour in your post! And no, I don’t think of you as “thick!” Just very honest and perceptive!