How To Write About Yourself: price slashed on this popular eBook

Do you shiver at the thought of writing a short biography about yourself? Feel frightened to start writing a new CV? Get the heebies if you have to write a personal statement?

From a 2-line bio to a full length autobiography … this book shows you how to make the most of yourself, truthfully and thoroughly, without exaggeration.

And as an end-of-summer-super-saver, here’s your chance to grab “How To Write About Yourself” for a fraction of the normal price!

Suze shares 20,000 words’ worth of her own experience and skills at writing about herself – as well as about others on their behalf – and helps you remove the fear, remove unnecessary modesty or shyness, and just do an honest, powerful job.

I really like How to Write About Yourself. A straightforward, easy to read book with real life examples. The perfect thing to have on your shelf to dip into when that important piece of personal writing pops up!” Nicola Cooper-Abbs ,

“At first I thought it would have little practical relevance for me – when would I ever write about myself? But I’d forgotten things like the “about us” page on websites (we now have four!) and profiles/bios (which I’m often asked for to tag onto articles etc). The section on testimonials was very useful as well – I love the third party interviewer idea. It makes it so much less awkward for both parties. The personal brand stuff was very interesting. As ever, it was beautifully easy to read – simple and logical without being the slightest bit patronising!” Jane Hatton, Managing Director,

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This 88 page book is packed with advice, tips, guidelines and tricks of the trade to ensure that whatever you write about yourself, will make the most of your talents and abilities and come across as the person you really are.

  1. “About Us” pages for your business
  2. Personal “about” pages/bios/profiles
  3. CVs/résumés
  4. Covering letters and emails
  5. Personal statements (university)
  6. Personal statements (CVs/résumés)
  7. Getting good testimonials
  8. Your personal brand
  9. Personal blogging
  10. Autobiographies