How to write good business blogs: Suze tells all on video

To make a change from a text-based blog post, here is yours truly in a video conversation with ace UK Vlogger Steven Healey a while back.

Video of Suzan St Maur talking about writing good business blogs

Now you can see and hear her tips on writing good business blogs

In the program we discuss many aspects of blogging for business … some of which we have written about here on HTWB and some we haven’t. So tune in and watch (or listen … folks can only take so much of my ugly face!)

Would you folks like more video here on HTWB?

We have written quite a lot about how to make good videos here, but maybe we should start putting our money where our mouths are…LOL.

Anyway enjoy the following…and let us know your comments and thoughts.

If you want to know about the book referred to in the video, click here.


And for more on how to make good videos for business – without breaking the bank – click right here on HTWB.