How to write better New Year’s resolutions 2019

Here’s a little poem for those of you working out what your New Year’s resolutions will be this year…with some, er, tips on how to do a more realistic job of it than we sometimes do!

Poem about New year's resoluytions

How to write better New Year’s resolutions for 2019

It’s nearly here
That bright New Year
We’ve hardly failed to notice
Twen-tee nine-teen
Is all that’s been
Talked about since August.

In the UK
It’s not OK
To bitch about that Brexit
But come next year
It’s horribly clear
We’ll have to try to fix it.

So what have you
Resolved to do
This January coming?
Give up the booze?
Go on a cruise?
Go jogging or go running?

Start a new
Business, too?
Monetise that mind mercurial?
Just watch those ants
Inside your pants
While being entrepreneurial.

Quit your job?
Don’t be a knob!
Wait till the new one’s tangible
Then nix the old
And switch so bold
While the two are still interchangeable.

Go on a diet
Maybe try it
Vegan? Greens? Or Keto?
Whatever food
Of a slimming mood
Your tastebuds, sure , will veto.

Now, what about
That neighbour lout
Whose makes life not worth living?
Will you resolve
To let dissolve
That feud, and be forgiving?

Or maybe
You want to be
Much kinder to the planet?
Then sell your car
And cycle far
On a seat that feels like granite.

Do you know what?
They’re diddly squat,
My New Year’s resolutions.
I’m totally free
To be just me:
No painful revolutions.

But if you must
Resolve to just
Be good and kind and caring
To hell with pain
And that weight gain
That’s all the more for sharing.

If all else fails
And your resolve bails
There’s good news to be sent
Resolutions tough?
Can’t do enough?
Just give them up for Lent.

© Suzan St Maur 2018-2019