How To Write Better: thank you, 2 million page viewers in the last 4 years!

More than 2 million page views in 4 years! Nothing could have made me happier than being greeted on my return from Canada (Sept 10th, 2017) to find that our humble How To Write Better (the REAL one) has exceeded the 2 million page view mark since September 1st, 2013.

2 millions page views for HTWB
For a niche site that’s a labour of love (rather than the off-shoot of another site that exists in the USA as part of a large commercial enterprise…) I have to say I am truly proud of our achievements.

Even more so, thanks to all our #HTWB contributors

Although I write the majority of the articles and tutorials on here, it just wouldn’t work if it didn’t benefit from guest posts from other writing experts in their fields.

And we have been very lucky to enjoy material from writing and other experts from all over the English speaking world … too many to name individually but you know who you are.

Thank you, folks. Your expertise enriches this site more than I can ever hope to.

This is not going to be a long blog post and normal, help-with-your-writing service will be resumed in the next day or two, but I just want to share this moment with all of you who use this site, appreciate it and share it.

(Sorry Google, but to write 5,000 words on this topic would be boring, much as a few hundred words are anything but!)

We don’t pay for expertise: the site is not about money

OK, you can go to the Bookshop and see some of my titles along with those of other contributors and buy them on Amazon or wherever, but that’s hardly eCommerce on a big scale.

However, what appears on here are articles and tutorials that their authors (and I, because I’m Da Editor and Da Boss) think are worth sharing. Why? Because they are good.

As you may have seen, we include articles/tutorials on all types of writing from the more predictable subjects to precise and individualistic topics like technical writing, business plans, exam questions and goodness knows what other highly focused issues you would be hard pushed to find in one place elsewhere on the internet, written by such learned experts.

This site is about writing everything regardless of how specialised 

Do you have some writing expertise you’d like to share with us?

Given the traffic HTWB is getting (and it averages out at around 2,000 page views per day across all English language cultures plus a number of E2L ones) your advice could benefit many other people who need to write in English.

If you’re looking for paid posts or sponsored stuff, please forget us.

However if you have something genuinely  useful to contribute … please send it to me on Naturally I will share your name, details, a short bio, a photograph of you (decent, please…) and links to your website, etc., if you want.

But no embedded links, other links, sponsored posts, advertorial or any other sh*t people can’t necessarily trust.

So much of business and other activities now is about sharing, and HTWB does just that. Being an optimist and an admirer of all others who write for a living, as I do, I look forward to hearing from you.

And let’s look forward to another few million page views!

Please share your thoughts in the comments here.

With many thanks for the loan of the image to Guild Wars 2 … may the force be with you!